Question for Coach SA's about receipt.

  1. Ms-whitney and Sprinkles:

    I purchased two Legacy accessories today
    at a Coach Boutique in NYC. My name appears
    on the receipt but not my address. The SA said
    that I got credit for the purchases. I just want to
    ask did I get credit for the purchases if my home address
    was not on the receipt? I just want to see if I can get
    a card to the PCE and I know that only store purchases count.
    Please do let me know. thanks:yes:
  2. Oh I didn't know that only store purchases count, that's too bad. I make most of my purchases through the phone as my coach never has anything!

  3. Yhassan:

    I know that Internet Orders don't count. I am not sure about phone orders.
    I believe I read in an old thread that your Coach Boutique purchases were what counted as purchases when Coach sends out the mailers for PCE.
    I am just trying to find out if having my name on the receipt is enough.
    The SA said that she saw my address on her screen though.
  4. Your address won't be printed on a receipt unless you order an item, only your name is on it. :smile:

    Also, only frequent shoppers at full price stores are invited generally.
  5. i'm assuming it's a full price store in NYC? i wonder if it's the one that has everythinggg in it! i would love to visit.

    the address like the SA says, does not appear on your reciept. but that does not mean they got it "right"

    what happens is, the purchase is rung up.

    then they hit to the payment window, a mini pop up comes out and asks for the credit card number (usually slid, not typed) the last name, address and zip code.

    IF you use the same credit card over and over, and no one else in your zip area has your last name or something like it with added letters (ex. chan...chang....) then you automatically pop up with ALL the info, address, email and phone number.

    if not, the cashier should ask for your ID and ask if that's the present location, and track you down on the system. if that was your first purchase at that store you might want to see if they type out anything longer then just what it takes to type your name.

    i feel like i could write a whole thread about this! lol. was it your first time purchasing?
  6. ms-whitney:

    My name is on the receipt. I purchased two things separately, and no it was not my first time. I have purchased a Legacy Whiskey shoulder bag from the Coach Boutique in Connecticut which was shipped to me. That receipt has
    my name on it and my address on it. It was shipped to my home. I ordered
    in the Coach Boutique in Lower Manhattan the Legacy Leather gloves, the Legacy Wristlet in Whiskey as well as the legacy french purse wallet in Whiskey. These were ordered for me at the store and I was called when they arrived to pick them up. My name is on the receipt for all purchases.
    I purchased one item with my major credit card and three things with my Discover card as I had a large credit on it. How do I know that I am really getting credit for these purchases. The SA in the store said the when she put in my name my name did come up with all of my information. How do I know that this is so?

    This is not my first purchase I have been collecting for many years.
    On a different occassion I also went in and purchased two charms and
    a refill for my planner. :yes:
  7. Hi
    so you are saying that the purchases from factory stores are not on the same system. Just curious. My first post. Why do they ask you for your info. Thanks!
  8. So they keep track of your buy and return history as with other stores that do that.
  9. I'm assuming that because you got your bag before your gloves and wristlet, because it was sent to your home (that's when the info is placed) that you would pop up in the system whenever you make a purchase.

    when you ordered the items, i don't know if it was a phone order or visit. but phone order they always ask for your billing info which is the same as the shipping to avoid fraud. if you ordered in the store, with the same CC your info would automatically pop up, if not they have to ask for your zip code and then a list should be prompted and they select you from it.

    i'm pretty sure both times you were logged into the system. the only reason why sometimes the cashiers/SA would have your name only on the reciept and not enter the rest of your info (happens) is if they asked and you refused (i usually say, "would you like to be on our mailing list or just in case if we have promotions and you qualify?") they would just put your name so when the managers closing see the reciepts they don't see any


    but an actual name.

    but it sounds like your good to go.

    the thank you notes have started again recently so you should be getting them if you shopped at coach with 250$ over.
  10. Does anyone know if phone orders count toward the $250 you need to spend? Also, what if I shop at the Coach boutique in Tucson as well as Phoenix? Does all my shopping need to be done at 1 boutique? I'd really like to get that coupon next time & I have spent well over that amount in the past month!
  11. i just read your first comment. jw, does the coach store ever offer to ship something to you if you don't see it in the store? if they don't then they don't deserve your sale.

    my manager's rule, never say no. if there is an option or alternative, present it.

    anyhoos, phone order through customer service...maybe not. you would be in the system but you have no "ground" store you shop in and i've yet to hear of them locating one and assigning you to it. you must shop in the store currently.

    while it's not neccessary to have all your shopping done in one boutique, it helps because it's the stores that gets the list of pple who qualify and the coporate office that sends the invite.

    if they don't send you one for some reason, and you are a fluquent shopper, you have a SA or several that you see all the time when you go in, it wouldn't be silly of you to ask them why you didn't recieve the invite. i'm sure they'll let you take part.

    we have a lady who lives in another state but visits san francisco often, she always makes it a point to shop with us and she has been invited to our PCE even though she doesn't live here really.

    so i really recommend sticking with one store, that lady doesn't really shop at her coach store back home.
  12. I've only ever shopped on-line and the outlet....after reading here that you need to shop in a boutique.....I actually shopped in one in December.

    I was already in the computer; name, address, email.

    After reading this thread I'm curious and I want to hold on to my next 3 see if there is a common customer number.

  13. Dear ms-whitney:

    Thanks for this information.
    I do just shop at the Coach Boutique at South Street Seaport as I work
    in downtown Manhattan. Two SA's there know me by name. I have spent
    about $800 this month alone at Coach. I do hope that I get an invite. If
    I don't I plan on going in to see my SA's and ask see if they will let me participate.

    thanks again.

  14. I would be livid if I spent that much money and didn't get an invite. At the beginning of last year I vowed never to shop Coach again, as something similar happened to me. I talked to corporate, etc. etc. I stuck to that until I spied a Legacy Mandy in Whiskey while my niece was showing her dad what she wanted for Christmas...I couldn't help myself.

    I really hope that you don't end up having to ask...if it were me, they would hear me coming from a mile away! :censor:
  15. Coach actually doesn't have customer numbers!