Question for Coach SA

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  1. I am considering purchasing the legacy satchel in black and possibly in white with my 25% discount. The problem is that the closest Coach ( which is over 1 1/2 hour drive) only has the black in stock. I spoke with and they told me of another store that has the white in stock which is too far to drive to. Now, I am hoping to drive to one store and purchase the black and have them order the white from the other store and have that one delivered. I am hoping that I can use the 25% discount for both bags. Is this going to be a problem? I don't want to be disappointed once I get there by finding out I cannot do this. Please tell me what you think.
  2. Yes you can go to the store & have them ship the one they don't have in stock w/ the 25% discount. I asked the SA at the fair oaks mall b/c I was going to order a bag from the resort denim line so I know they can do it for you.
  3. yep, ita. absolutely anything that they don't have in stock can be ordered and shipped to you free of charge. you just have to pay for it right then, of course.

  4. I have another question maybe a SA can answer. If you purchase something with the 25% discount which needed to be ordered and you don't love it when it arrives and want to exchange would that work? Obviously, by that time the 25% event is over and of course, the invitation has already been taken after I purchased my items. Please let me know what you think. TIA.
  5. ^^^That has happened to me. My SA let me pick out a new bag and let me apply the 25% discount to it; and this was at least 4 weeks after the 25% off sale last time.

  6. Thank you for letting me know that. I was beginning to think that my question would go unanswered:s
  7. If the item you're exchanging for is a higher price (ie, you paid 398 + 25% off but you want a 498$ bag), you would only get the $ amount you saved on the 398 bag. However if you want a lower priced bag you would get 25% off of it.
  8. soo...
    if i don't like my satchel ($648+25%), i can retain my 25% if i buy something under that $648 price range?
  9. 648!?!???!!!!

    Where the heck did you get money for a satchel? At that price no less!
  10. uh oh.


    mostly from outlet returns and from stuff i lost the receipt for (therefore, i had lots of store credit). gift card from visa extras.

    but not a dime went on my cc! promise!
  11. So, If I purchaed the legacy satchel in the signature for $648 with my 25% off and wanted to replace it with the leather satchel which was $698 does that mean I will be spending an additional $50 to make up the difference:confused1: . If I understand correctly, and this is true, that doesn't seem fair:crybaby: . I would not be able to purchase the higher item and receive 25% off the additional $$$ spent? Please let me know for sure as I would appreciate your response so I know what to expect IF I decide to make any exchanges. TIA
  12. Put on the spot by Ericka! Hehe!
  13. Kathyrose, she knows she's wrong. But hey, she has to do what she has to do.
  14. wait...WHAT?!?!

    why is everyone ganging up on me...?:crybaby:
  15. and may i kindly add that i don't even LIKE my new satchel...just gonna ebay when i get back, i guess...