Question for Coach SA

  1. Is the Ergo Signature Large Tote available to order directly through Coach? I noticed it is not on I did see it this weekend at Dillards. I want my PCE credit if at all possible! Style # 10767

  2. I'm not an SA, but I can give you some info on this....
    I purchased mine at Macy's. I never saw it on or at my boutique, so I was happy when I discovered it at Macy's. You can order it through your boutique or by calling the 800 number if you have the style #, at least you could when I tried before I saw it at Macy's. Good luck! It's an awesome bag!
  3. I remember it being on Coach's website; I don't know for sure how long it's been off the site. Have you called their 888 number to see if it's still available? There are a lot of things that are available for purchase that aren't listed on the website.

    Did you buy another bag during the PCE and return it and now you are looking to use that credit, or do you just want the discount outright? I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get the PCE discount at this point.
  4. Thanks ellacoach, I'll try that! Glad you are enjoying your bag!!!
  5. Mokoni,

    Haven't called Coach's number yet to check, but will do that. I just want it to qualify for my next PCE...if I buy it at a dept. store, it won't count. Thanks for your advice!
  6. ^Yes, you're correct! However, if you buy it from the 888 number you will not get credit for the purchase, either. You would need to go to your boutique and have them order it from JAX in order to get credit toward the next PCE. :yes: