Question for Coach SA About A Look Book Bag

  1. I saw this auction and was wondering if this bag is in the Look Book. I haven't seen it before. I didn't want to put this in the authentication thread because I am only asking if this bag exists. Thanks
  2. Do you have a link for the auction? :smile:
  3. That's a recent bag yes but I don't think it's in the current look book. I'd have to look at it again.
  4. OK, thanks. All I could think of is the burgundy suede bag in pw coming out so I thought this might be a Fall Bag. Could be before my Coach time too.
  5. Seller didn't indicate if it was new, used, or what. Tags, no tags and didn't answer my ASQ's.
  6. That's odd!
  7. It's from Fall/Winter 2006.....So, it's fairly old...Great bag though.
  8. OK thanks!
  9. i do like that bag a lot!