Question for Cloudy Bundle owners

  1. I received the CB bowler in 'white' today and the color on the handles looks worn out right where you hold them compared to the rest of the bag that looks pristine. How were the handles on your bag when you bought it???
    I'm going to call the SA about it but wanted to find out more before complaining.
    BTW his is a brand new bag from the Chanel boutique. Thanks Ladies.
  2. The handles on my tote are fine - soft and floppy but not worn out looking. Could yours have been a display model that customers tried on a lot? If not, the leather is a washed, crushed lambskin and the color does vary between light and dark on the bag.
  3. That's what I was thinking Roey, but it must have been handled many many many times to wear out the color on the edges. I don't know how long you had yours but does it look like the color is wearing out?
  4. Here's a pic
  5. No worries Steffi, that's perfectly normal! The leather is supposed to look shaded and kind of wrinkled on the handles. Mine are the same.

    You were lucky to have found the bowler. Was it on sale?
  6. I have the black cloudy bundle, so wear is harder to see, but it is there. There was a bag exactly like yours at Wynn last week, same color, and the handles looked the same. So maybe that is normal.
  7. Thank you girls, I wanted to be sure that the discoloration was part of the look since I did pay full retail price for it.
  8. This thread got me a little freaked out so I just went to inspect my cloudy tote, and as Roey indicated, the leather does look distressed and somewhat faded around the edges. My bag was also bought spankin new so I think that is how it is to look! Congrats on finding that elusive bowler!
  9. Congrats. I also have the same exact bag as Roey's (thanks to Roey), and I love it, especially how it looks distressed. Enjoy the bag.
  10. I've got this tote in the Dirty Olive, and my handles are distressed like that, too. There is actually quite a bit of variation in the coloring of the bag when you look at it carefully. Your new bag is great, by the way!
  11. Thank you again you all, I just freaked out because I looked at the pics in the library and there's a khaki and a gray bag that had pretty good looking handles. I thought that if that darker ones looked so darn good the light colored one should too. Thanks again.
  12. ^^you probably saw my gray bag in the reference library--and you are right...its handles are "cleaner" looking than my beige cloudy tote, whose handles look more distressed. But I love them both!!