Question for city-slickers...

  1. I'm from California. We drive EVERYWHERE!

    If you live in a big city and walk most places, do you still run around in heels? I love my heels, I'm not sure I can give them up. :shocked:
  2. I went to college in Boston where it was impossible to own a car. Freshman year, I took the T (the metro) everywhere and still wore 4 inch heels. LOL I would get tons of blisters, and I think it was so bad for my back.

    If I went shopping, I'd take the cab back to my dorm. However, as my grades went up, my heels went down... LOL.

    Eventually, by graduation I couldn't last 30 min. in heels. Now I drive everywhere except to walk my dog and it has taken me a while to get used to wearing heel again.
  3. I live in a city centre and I walk everywhere on cobbled streets :lol: .

    I just cannot wear trainers unless I'm going to the gym. I'm 5'2 and not thin and I need my leg extensions.

    I wear a minimum of 6 cm heels everywhere when I go out,but then I always have a blister or a scar somewhere on my foot and I am known as the girl who is always unsuitably shod:lol: and demands metro/cab etc.

    My very high heels though...the 10 cm ones? They only get used when we're visiting people/events out of town and I know it's only a car-to-door thing.

    For work I wear low heels...if I know I have a mostly sit-down day planned I risk higher ones. I work as a paediatrician though so emergencies can sometimes be unexpected...and then I change high heels to surgical clogs:lol: .
  4. I don't know how some women do it, I see them running around Paris in sky high heels. If I did that, I'd have to get my feet amputated... So painful.
  5. I work from home and always wear 3-4 inch heels. I just love heels.
  6. I've always wondered how Gillian Anderson ran in heels in many episodes of The X-Files :hrmm: I sure can't run in them, it's a miracle I don't trip over my own feet while just walking :shame:
  7. As we all see the women from Sex and the city running around the city in heels. As for me, i'd wear some low heels if i have to walk a lot.
  8. i wear heels around the office, but bring a pair of flats for running around the city
  9. I'm in heels so much I can do jumping jacks in 4' heels. (I tried it. Yes I had time on my hands ;) )

    Yes, I wear mine out and about, running errands, shopping, work, where ever.
  10. Kitten heels are the highest amount of heel I wear when running around the city. Otherwise its flats. I even get blisters from the kitten heels sometimes. Blast!
  11. I know! I wonder about it every time I'm there. I think that women in Paris must not have any nerve endings in their feet! :biggrin:
  12. I'm so relieved to hear that most women wear lower heels or flats while walking long distances! I was under the impression that you just "grin and bear it" if you wear heels...and have walked several city blocks to the bus depot to school and back, limping in agony and pain afterwards, of course... now I know to bring flats, and change into high heels at the place where I want to wear them ;)
  13. your solution would be... foot petals.

    I used these to survive blisters and other shoe inflicted pain while I worked in NY. I'm not a fan of wearing sneakers and then changing at work, so I bought several of these and they helped A LOT.
  14. If you are truely walking around the city (ie from metro to the office, out to lunch every day, etc), you will probably find that it isn't always the height of the heel, as much as it is the width of the heel.

    Smaller (thinner) heels that look more delicate, are more delicate and will get caught between sidewalk cracks, subway grates, and in the asphalt on the streets. If you choose shoes with a wider heel, you will have an easier, more comfortable, and much more graceful time!
  15. I don't live in a big city, but I work and go to school on a big campus, and just this year I've given up on heels. I love wearing heels, but it was impossible to make it around campus all day in even a kitten heel comfortably. I sometimes throw a pair in my bag to change into at school for teaching, but for the most part you'll find me in Frye campus boots or Pumas. This school has broken me :cry: