question for city lovers-need help

  1. Ladies,

    How many of you wear your city bag on your shoulder with the strap? I am trying to decide if I should get a city bag and I have been hesitant b/c I love shoulder bags and it seems like most people wear their city bags on their arms, letting the shoulder strap hang. Does the bag hang funny on the shoulder strap? If any of you would post modeling pics using the shoulder strap I would be grateful.

  2. I wear my Cities in the crook of my arm, on my shoulder and even cross body (BUT I have a mini chest). The City does however scrunch up if it isn't full of stuff when you hang it on your shoulder by the strap - but that's a characteristic of Bal's soft and slouchy leather anyway. I love the City, IMO it's a perfect day bag. Cheers!
  3. I usually carry my City with the handles (not the strap) over my shoulder. I don't know if I'll be able to do that with a coat this fall, but it worked for the past few months. I do have problems getting them to stay on my shoulder with the strap, so don't carry them that way much.
  4. I wear mine both ways and love it! I don't think it hangs funny b/c it isn't a very long strap like the PT which IMO hangs a little funny (PT is still my favorite style though)...good luck!
  5. i use it both ways, the shoulder starps do come in handy.............
  6. I maily carry it on my shoulder. I love it all slouchy and yummy. It looks good both ways but it's nice to have my arms free! I do carry it on my arm too tho, but shoulder is my main way of carrying it.
  7. ITA and this is how i wear mine.
  8. Same, I hardly or close to never use the handles to avoid oil or dirt absorbtion...and for me it is more comfie to use the strap..:smile:
  9. I generally use the shoulder strap and have no trouble with it at all. I occasionally use the handles, but this is becoming a less frequent event.
  10. I find that I have to play around with the handles to get them to lay right if I use the strap. They tend to stick out like ears otherwise. The bag does sag when held by the strap but this looks OK.

    I do both but prefer using the handles.
  11. i have this problem when i stuff the city full. it's irritating. this is one thing that causes me to think i might not be a city girl afterall. when the bag's full, i hand carry it or hook it on the arm. but it's really cool on the shoulders with the straps when it's half empty and slouchy.
  12. I usually carry mine on my shoulder, and I use both the handles and the shoulder strap.

    I love the way the City slouches when I sling it over my shoulder with the strap, so that's how I carry it most of the time.
  13. I love the city because you have options to carry it- I carry both ways. However, IMO the city does look best carried by the handle. It slouches in the middle when on the strap. Still the shoulder strap is most convenient for me. If you go to the "Photos wearing your bbags- pictures only" section, you'll see tons of modeling pics w/the city.
  14. I wear mine both ways, but it's usually stuffed so it hasn't got a chance of buckling up when on the shoulder! Love the city!:yes:
  15. I carry my city on the arm or using the handles on the shoulder at times, but probably use the long strap most often (especially when I'm with my children). It slouches a little bit but not too much (and not as much as the twiggy).