Question for Chocolate Muse Owners

  1. I just received my oversized Muse in Chocolate from Saks. It's beautiful but I'm a little concerned about its durability re: scratches. It just looks like it will scratch easily. What has been your experience on this? Is it pretty durable, or do I need to be really careful? Sorry if there's another thread on this already, but I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks!
  2. I've had mine for quite some time now, no problems with scratches so far and I'm rough with my bags (clumsy too). I really don't think you have to worry about it, afterall the bag is made of buffalo skin/leather.
    (30) Yves Saint Lauren Muse Oversized ZipTop Bag - 1295.JPG
  3. I've had (and used) mine for several months now - not one scratch or mark on her. The leather does soften - but it doesn't mark up.

    The XL Chocolate is a classic - congrats on a beautiful bag!
  4. Congratulations on your new Choco Muse. You'll love it. I've used mine off and on over the past few months and there are no marks 'yet'.
  5. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for the reassurance. For some reason my bag looks a little different from Pursemama's, I don't know if they've changed leathers for the Chocolate recently so it looks a bit more matte whereas the earlier generation looks like it had a bit more sheen to it..or is that just from wear. I'll try and post a picture tomorrow.
  6. I have the large chocolate Muse and have been a bit rough with it as I was on crutches for a few weeks and my bag inevitably bumped against lots of things like the car door and walls (while I'm trying to steady myself), lol. Haven't noticed any scratches or damage whatsoever. Good ol buffulo hide:smile:

    Anyway, here are some pics of mine. I think I have the earlier generation one - the one with the 3 keys. I bought it around April. I don't think mine is shiny, but the flash definitely makes it appear so. Both of these were taken with flash.. one closeup so you can see the choco colour better, otherwise it just looks black:smile:
  7. Gorgeous bag, SerenitySue. Hope to have one soon myself...
  8. I've only used mine for 2 weeks in a row once since I got it in April, but my impression is that it's perfectly durable with no problems at all. You should have nothing to worry about.
  9. Okay Ladies. I think mine has different leather. I am posting pictures. Let me know what you think. Also, while I was examining the bag in the light I noticed a scratch on the bottom and some very faint rubbing on the corners...what on earth? Let me know your thoughts. I think this one may have to go back...there is one on eBay right now for $1,695 but it looks like it's an earlier generation. The leather looks different from mine.
    CIMG0453.jpg CIMG0457.jpg CIMG0456.jpg
  10. orchids - yours kind of looks like mine. Mine came with one key - and was purchased 3 months ago.
    Here is my XL chocolate:

  11. hi beauxgoris,

    thanks for posting the pix of yours. your bag definitely has a lot more interesting texture than mine. The right side of the front of your bag has more texture in particular whereas mine seems so flat by comparison. i called YSL in NY and they are going to send me one next week that has a bit more texture, and i'm going to compare it to the one i got from Saks and see. hopefully the YSL one will work out!