Question For Chloe Owners

  1. Hi everyone. I have an anthracite paddy and i just found out that there are some discoloration on the handle (some parts are dull, not shinny, so you can see the difference in color). I am just wondering if you have the same problem? Should I return it? I don't think they have another anthra. Or amI being too picky? It doesn't really bother me much but I just need any advice on what to do. Thanks everyone .....
  2. Is it new or have you been using it for awhile? I know there are a couple anthra owners here. Mine wont arrive till friday :love:
  3. its brand new never used it and still have the tag attached
  4. Can you take a picture of it?

    There is fleck coming off of my key strap; but, not anywhere else.

    It could be a defect, if so, it should go back, I can only imagine it would get worse.
  5. I'll try to take a pic of it. So the color can come off actually? wow, then it's not very good if i want to use it everyday. Are you going to return yours?
  6. No, it is just on the key strap, and I have had it since December; returning it is not an option.

    I only use the bag occasionally.
  7. I have a dark grey one and it doesn't have the problems. I just had it for 2 weeks but I use it every day and as well in bad weather. Sorry I can't be of really help.