Question for chameleon owners

  1. I just found out about the chameleon on this blog and it is such a great idea! I never liked that other one, the purseket I think it's called. The chameleon looks like it would be perfect for me though. I want to order one but I don't have the measurements of my bags so I don't know what size would work best. I thought you lovely ladies that own the chameleon could help me figure out what size would work best for the bags I own. I have mostly larger bags. Here is an example of some of the bags I own and would use the chameleon in.

    Marc by MJ Totally turnlock Faridah
    Michael by Michael Kors crossbody studio hobo
    Marc Jacobs Hudson
    Chloe Betty large
    Jimmy Choo Rikki
    Michael by Michael Kors Astor satchel
    Gucci Guccissima tote
    Elliot Lucca medium sized frame/doctor bag
    Rebecca Minkoff morning after hobo

    So to the chameleon experts, what size would be best for these bags? I don't keep a ton of stuff in my bags. They are never really full (exept for the Rikki sometimes) but I do keep quite a bit of random "stuff" in them. As always, thanks for your help. :smile:
  2. For me, I ordered all of them. The small, medium, large and extra-sturdy. However, I find that the best combination is to use a small INSIDE of the large. My makeup case fits nicely inside the small, which I then stick into the large. I'm not familiar with all of your bags but it really depends on the structure if you want to go with the extra sturdy. I find the large works fine for me, and is probably a little more flexible. The sturdy might be too "sturdy" for some purses. The regular large has more smooshiness so it's more forgiving.

    Hope that helps. :yes:
  3. lawchick, I don't have any of the bags you have either but JadeJett gives you great advice. Why don't you order a small or a medium and then you will have a better idea of what you need. I have a small, medium and large extra sturdy. I use pretty much all of them. Maybe I use the medium the most.
  4. Hmmm a small inside a large? Im receiving my chamelons and will have to try that out..
  5. Thanks for your input ladies.