Question for cerises speedy owners

  1. I really want a cerises speedy. Obviously, it is becoming harder and harder to find new ones for sale online. I saw a couple on eBay recently for $1500-$2000.

    Are these bags prone to any problems? Fading, peeling cherries, etc?

    I'm this close to buying one (before it's impossible to find a new one), but if the bags are prone to problems, I want to know.

    Also, does LV ever repeat designs? I'd hate to spend $2k on a cerises speedy now and then find out another variation of cherries will be released soon...I MUCH prefer to buy brand new from the store.
  2. Yup, since the design is silk screened on (as with the MC, Panda, Groom, MOCA, Cherry Blossom, etc.), there is the tendency for chipping and fading. The fading really isn't as prevalent as the chipping though. However, the bags don't tend to get as worn looking as the smaller accessories do...I've had the Cerises Speedy since the weekend it came out and it's still looking great with only a couple of little chips. Nothing major though.

    And no, the designs don't typically repeat. I don't see anything similar ever coming out.
  3. The only issue I had with my cerises speedy was the handles getting dirty - which is part of normal wear, they cleaned up nicely with some baby wipes and a bit of effort though.
    I haven't found that the cherrys fade but I do look after my bag eg, don't leave it sitting in the car in the sun etc.
  4. Agree. I have the Cerises Speedy, and even though I don't use it all that much (due to the 25 being TOO SMALL) the cherries have faded, mostly where the canvas is under stress at the seams.

    For the record, *I* think it's funny, because as they fade they look like toys that have been thrown in a campfire (which you will only understand if you have brothers....), like "Aaaaaah! I'm MEEEEELLLLLLTTTTTIIIIINNGGGG!" but probably most people don't think it's funny at all.
  5. Mine is in mint condition but I've seen some on eBay that the cherries are scratched up. It all depends how you take care of it.

    Oh, one more thing, someone thought he was funny and pretended to scratch my panda on my pochette and he scratches very easily. Since all these prints are silk-screened, I imagine it to be just as delicate.
  6. Can someone with faded and scratched cherries PLEASE please post some photos so I can see what you're talking about???
  7. Heehee not me, I'm too lazy. I recommend you look on eBay (or let-trade, she has some used cerises up right now) for detailed pics of faded cherries. MEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!
  8. I think all of the problems are covered, fading (usually from being left out in the sun,) and scratching. But mostly these bags stay in really good condition if you treat them halfway nicely.
  9. same here! It's soooo cute, you should go for it!

    p.s. I think has a new one for sale? Also
  10. Mine was used to begin with but nothing major, a few cherries have peeled justa tad at the ends on the bottom from normal wear. Weird thing I have noticed is that my White MC Speedy has nothing wrong and I use it a lot, my black MC Speedy has faded and I don't use it much and my Cerises Speedy is rarely used and has peeled but not I'm not much help to you. LOL
    I listed a store that has authentic items and they had a Cerises Speedy at a very good price...check out LV Shopping before you head toward eBay (they also offer lay away)
  11. Here's one on the auction from Timeless LV on ebay...
  12. i've had mine since oct '05 and no chipping or nothing. it's like my other lv's to be honest with you. i think it's worse with smaller accessories like rebecca mentioned. there's some really good deals on ebay, i wouldn't pay $2000 lol

  13. Hilarious! Spot on description, I don't own any cerises pieces but I have seen faded and chipped ones and you're correct, I haven't thought of it that way:roflmfao: