Question for Cerf/Executive Tote Owners

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  1. Hi! I just purchased an executive tote and was wondering if any of you use a bag organizer and if that has helped with retaining the bag's shape. I'm considering exchanging it for the seasonal version with the thicker leather, but I really like the look of the original version better (other than the slouching issue). The seasonal bag seems a bit "clunkier" if that makes sense.

    I'd love to hear your experiences with the bag and any tips for helping to retain its shape! :smile:
  2. I think there are a few threads on different purse organizers here in the forum. Try looking there for some. I personally don't use a purse organizer because I don't carry much but if you carry a lot, I think it'll be a good idea to have one. I just recently bought a cerf tote too and I used it everyday. The bag is very sturdy. I hear that if you keep the inside pocket snapped into the sides, it'll make the side of the bag "sag" faster. I'm not sure if I have the seasonal or the classic. I'll attach a picture of my tag.

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  3. Yeeuns I think that is a classic SKU number and not a seasonal one on your tag. Aslo too, do you mean the inside pocket as the pouch?
    I too also just but a cerf tote classic version and I fear the sag as well so I just ordered a base shaper that I had read about in the other cerf executive tote thread - take a look in there as there is lots of info on the cerf executive totes.
  4. Oh yes I forgot. I ordered a base shaper too. It's on its way so hopefully it'll come soon. Yeah I mean the pocket that detaches that comes with the bag.
  5. Thank you for the information! I don't carry much in my bag but I ordered a bag organizer in hopes that it will help keep the structure of the bag. I also made plastic inserts for the front and back pockets to make them stiffer and help prevent the sag! Thanks for the tip about the removable pouch. Hopefully the combination of these things will ward off the slouchiness lol!
  6. I've got one and I stuff it with rolled up tee-shirts! Pretty classy, right??

  7. Just checked my tag and I've got the same bag as you! :smile: Glad to hear yours is holding up well! Thanks for posting the pic. :smile:

  8. Hi! Has this helped? I've got small pillows that I purchased at ikea that I use for stuffing my bags and I plan to do the same with this bag. :smile:
  9. ishootfilm, can you give me details of the bag shaper/bag organizer that you purchased?

  10. Hi! I ordered the Pursfection Expandable Purse Organizer from I haven't received it yet, but I'll let you know how it works out! You may also want to check the organizers from samorga. They seem a little nicer, but I had already placed my order at Pursebling. :smile: