Question for cat owners...

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  1. Hi all, thinking to buy a new sofa recently, what sort of sofa should i consider? As we've got 2 cats at home.
  2. Definitely one made of microfiber--it's the most durable material against kitty claws!
  3. I heard that in a furniture store too
    Also heard they don't like scratching on velvet
    I know they do fine scratching on damask or other fabric. I've had a couple of sofas pretty much destroyed
    My latest attempt was leather. We have an old leather chair they haven't scratched. There are some punctures on it from the cat walking on it but it hasn't been used as a scratching post. We recently purchased a leather sofa for our new home but haven't used it yet.
  4. Slipcovers. Heavy duck slipcovers are my friend
  5. My current one got scratched and pissed by them , therefore i will need to throw that away.

    So much fun with them when we all lying /sitting on the sofa and a live warmer at winter
  6. Cheap! Don't go crazy on an expensive sofa. It will definitely get scratched. I bought one that was a heavy denim like material. That thing was indestructible.
  7. Maybe I have the oddball cat. I have expensive furniture upholstered in silks, velvets, damask, etc. and no problems with my kitty. She likes to sit on top of the furniture so I do use a sticky roller lint remover to get rid of her hair. But no real damage.

    When I first got her, I spent about 6 weeks training her to use her scratching post. So, of course, she wanted to scratch the newest sofa which was in my office. (it has a linen upholstery which is similar-ish to her scratching posts?) but through focused attention I was able to get her to leave it alone in about 6 weeks. And the sofa survived with a couple of barely noticeable scratched (and I'm super picky. Lol!) Overall, she pretty much got "I scratch here and I get treats and pets" vs. "I scratch there and the human types get irritable and make me move to my scratching posts"

    I love my kids infinitely more than my cat. And I don't put up with them trashing my house. And I love my home. So I feel my cat should be able to live here and be a good "house citizen". Yea, it takes time to train a cat (as it does with kids) but I'd rather put that time in up front so we can all be happy over the long haul.
  8. + 1 As much as I would like a big, squashy sofa from, the thought of what these maniacs would do to it makes the blood run cold. Heavy duty throws are our best friend in this household :P
  9. :biggrin:It is possible to train a cat not to destroy the sofa. If they have a suitable alternative close by and a few sharp words of NO - should do it in most cases...
  10. exactly! my furniture has never been scratched by either of my cats
    provide alternatives that are more fun to scratch than the furniture! catnip rubbed into the new scratchers also helps.

    my favourite scratcher by far is the Pet Fusion ultimate lounger. I haven't met a cat yet that doesn't love this thing :biggrin:
  11. I would choose something with a smooth finish instead of more textured. We have never had any of our cats scratch our furniture. We have a cat perch made of berber and they prefer to scratch that instead.
  12. My cat scratches the couch, and she never listens to scolding of any kind. She only scratches the corners, so I've temporarily covered them in tin foil and put a throw over (so it's not so ugly). First time she tried scratching and touched the foil she recoiled and never did it again. I'm keeping it on still, but the hope is that when I eventually remove it she'll be used to not scratching there.
  13. It's harder to train grown up cats, but is still possible. Cats don't react well to being punished or disciplined, but they like to be admired and offered treats. So basically, it's easier to train a kitten to become a calm adult cat, by rewarding good behaviour. Having said that, kittens are a handful and a whirlwind of energy...
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  14. Yeah, she's 15 and mostly non-destructive. She used to always scratch her post, but after we moved and bough a new couch she's taken to scratching that instead. Scolding her or punishing won't work, she's never been scolded for scratching in her 15 year long life so she wouldn't understand it. The tin foil is more a means to avert her from digging her claws in than actual punishment, and it works! Now, how to get her to stop jumping on the coffee table with piss and cat litter soaked paws...
  15. Interesting I feel like microfiber feels so thin it wouldn't be a good option that they'd tear right threw it.

    Ironically one of my cats favorite scratching posts is the hinges to one our kitchen cabinets, they are so old that the hinges are on the outside of the cabinet lol. Maybe I should try the foil trick and see if that deters him.

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