Question for Candace owners

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  1. I love Candace but was wondering if it is a comfortable bag to carry?
    I usually carry my bags on my shoulder and this seems not to be a very comfortable shoulder fit-especially with heavier Fall/Winter clothing and coats.
    Do you find it easy to carry as "arm candy"? :smile:
    Is it a good everyday bag?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    I just feel walking around the store is not enough to really know how comfortable it will be.
  2. I almost never carry my Candace on the shoulder. It just doesn't feel right. But that could be because I have the small Candace and it sits right under my arm carried shoulder style. I would say, the small Candace is a great everyday bag if you don't carry it on the shoulder. I couldn't see it fitting right with a jacket either. Maybe a small jacket would work but nothing big or thick. But this is just my experience and my opinion, you might feel differently. :smile:
  3. I tried on the larger Candace, which is more my size. I loved it, but it's a bit heavy, and the rolled handles...welll...I'm not sure I can "handle" the rolled ones! The larger one most definitely fit well on the shoulder, though. Plenty of room (at least for me)
  4. Thanks! I think the small Candace would be too small for me. I love it but I carry way too much stuff :smile:
  5. Thanks! It did fit on my shoulder when I tried it in the Coach store-but it did not have as much room in the straps as I would prefer. I find it so hard sometimes to judge a bag with none of my stuff in it and just trying it on in the store. The ultimate test is taking it out for the day :smile: