Question for Canadians

  1. I was wondering if any fellow Canadians have ordered directly from the Coach website? I know they ship to Canada via DHL and I was wondering how bad DHL dinged for their fees.

  2. I ordered an agenda from the coach website back in November, and I didn't pay any extra fees. Just the shipping charge that was added on to the price of the agenda.
  3. Hi there.

    I've ordered several times from and have been happy with the service. My last order was for 6 items and the shipping was $24. I think it's usually in the $22 to $24 range. Well worth it considering how far I'd have to go to visit an actual COACH store. However the good news is that there's one opening in Ottawa in August.:yahoo:
  4. Thanks for the info ladies! I don't think I will hesitate to place an order now that sounds wonderful.
  5. I've never ordered from the website. Luckily there is a store that is about a 1/2 hour drive from where I live and another store that is about 35 mins away and another store that will be opening in August and it's a 10 minute drive from my house. Within the past 2 weeks, I've managed to buy a Hamptons Signature Mini Skinny, Hamptons Signature Small Wristlet and the Hamptons Signature Smalll Hobo. I'm also thinking about buying the Ergo Pebbled Leather Small Hobo in black by the end of this month.
  6. Canadians have to pay duty if you order from my family is in store there yet, so thinking of sending my mum something
  7. i order directly from a store in TO. i h8 DHL!

  8. you can call them and order, and you are charged shipping, they ship via fed ex and you are charge broker fees.

    for instance a 38$ charm cost me 56$

    Why are you not calling coach in your area?

    here is what you'll be charged if you order it from coach .com

    when in fact calling a local store its only 291$ cnd max
    coach order.jpg
  9. OMG is a coach store REALLY opening up in Ottawa?!?! :yahoo:
    Where is it going to be?! Im SO excited! This is off topic, but i also saw that they are opening up a Sephora too!! YAY!
  10. sephora is opening st rideau and coach is opening in rideau aug 1!
  11. I have never ordered from the website but I asked my SA at the store and she said that you have to pay shipping, duty and brokerage fees. All in all, way too expensive for me. I hate paying all those "extras"! However, I do have access to 2 boutiques 45 minutes away from me. If you are really far from a boutique, maybe try a Holt Renfrew as they also carry Coach and I heard that they have also recently lowered their prices to reflect the US price.
  12. The store in Ottawa is slated to open in August in the Rideau Centre.:tup:
  13. I am in Edmonton as well - we are getting a store in WEM in the spring - and I just order from a TO or Vanc. store as they are offering US pricing. That way I do not have to worry about duty and brokerage fees.