Question for Canadians about Jomashop

  1. Hi - I'm thinking of getting my first spy from Jomashop and I was wondering if any Canadian's had purchased from them. If so, is the duty crazy? TIA!!!
  2. I have purchased from bluefly before and customs is fair...It doesn't matter where you buy from BTW!
  3. Thanks! I'm new to Fendi, but Aloharag sells authentic Balenciagas and declares them at a much lower value so you pay little or no duty- just to let you know.
    Thanks again!
  4. Yeah I bought from them before...they are great! I also bought a Bbag from Diabro and they are amazing that way too! They ask you how much you want them to declare!
  5. But then if something happens to your bag in shipping you are only covered for that low amount.

    It's not the store that matters so much - it's which shipper they use - UPS is the worst for it.