Question for canadian residents

  1. Hello,

    I am living right now in Canada and I would like to know, from canadian Hermes lovers if it is easier to get a Birkin 35 here than in the States??

    I am looking for a 35 black togo with PH and put my name on the list...The SA proposed me 2, one in red and one black epsom with gold HW (which I don't like).

    Can you share with me your experience with the canadian H boutiques??

  2. Mistikat has a very recent experience with the Toronto boutique!

    (maybe if you search her threads in the main H forum?)
  3. Its much easier to get any handbag at this moment at an H boutique versus the US. Canada is still reeling from the strong goods, and luxury goods have been hit the hardest. The H store in my area is overstocked for the first time in years. Considering the price decrease in Canada and the price increase in the US, the goods are "almost" at par. Taxes are just so excruciating in Canada. In other words, it is still slightly more interesting to buy in the US, but much harder to come by.
  4. Sorry, didn't mean to say "strong goods" rather "stronger $"
  5. wow, moto the H store in your area in overstocked!!!

    Bo you know by any chance if they have a birkin 35 cm in togo black with PH???

    I know I am asking a lot but if you don't try...

    I am willing to travel across Canada to ge this bag:wlae:
  6. Thank you piaff!
    What a wonderful experience Mistikat had...
  7. Which store?? Overstocked with what?

  8. In Montreal. They had a variety of Handbags. Kelly, Birkin, Lindy, Kelly Pochette. They are quite friendly. I'm sure if you call to inquire, they will be happy to help, especially right now. If you're in Canada, I'm think your SA could do something to get it for you. Although, I'm not sure about canadian "H" policies. I know that in the US, they were quite helpful to me.
  9. Moto,

    I just called a they told me they don't have any birkin or kelly in black, maybe I should pass...:yes:
  10. With the price increase in the US on the 21st of January, and considering our $ was loosing ground for the past 2 weeks, I imagine lots of stock must have left the canadian shelves. I'm so sorry, I know exactly how it feels. I've been waiting for my Birkin in the US for the longest time. With the increase, I don't even know if it's worth the trouble so much anymore. I might be saving a little, but hardly as much as I could have.
  11. :angel:Yes I am wondering if i will get this black birkin one day...I'll keep trying though:p
  12. I'm wondering the exact same thing fo myself. Did you ever try or have you ever been recommended reliable re-sellers on eBay. Apparently, some of these, are highly respected. I know that a Black Box Birkin 35cm GH was sold for $6600 last night. I saw the pictures and it was impeccable. This is my dream Birkin. I have a Kelly in Black Box Kelly, and sometimes I just take it out to look at it.
  13. There is a 30 cm gold birkin in clemence with PH for $8,500.00 at the Vancouver store today...

    A black travel 50 cm HAC with PH as well...
  14. ^^^ When I've gone to the Toronto store and asked for items, the SAs have told me that if they don't have the item in the basement, they can bring it in from either Montreal or Vancouver if one of the stores has the item in inventory.
  15. I'll be heading to Quebec shortly...perhaps I should take a side trip to Montreal. . . . .:graucho: