Question for Canadian Coach customers

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  1. Has anyone purchased from a Canadian store anything from the upcoming floorset (Sophia would be a good example).

    The reason I am asking is because the store I go to will perhaps sell an item from the upcoming floorset this weekend IF there is precedent that it has been done by another Canadian store.

    So I'm just looking to find out if it has been done - would appreciate the feedback if it has. If you are a Canadian and are in possession of a Sophia or some item from the upcoming floorset, please let me know. :biggrin:


    (Feel free to PM me if you'd rather do that - thanks!)
  2. I tried, no luck. All I got was "We're unpacking them.". I think if my SA would've still worked there, I wouldn't have had a problem though.
  3. I think it all depends on the manager. I've been to one store where the manager wouldn't even let me see something until it went out on the floor and another store where the manager would sell anything even if it meant having to go unpack a box or two to find the item. If JAX can sell product before the official release date, I don't see why the stores shouldn't be allowed to as well.
  4. Id love to know this too, as I will be heading to my coach store here in Canada (Toronto area) Tomorrow!
  5. I was able to get the madison maggie last PCE before the floorset.
  6. I called my store and they said sophias will be on the floor next friday.
  7. I was told they're not allowed to sell things if its not out on the floor yet. Apparantly head office is 'cracking down' lol. They can however do a 'pre-sale' and then you can pick it up on the day it comes out on the floor. My SA said its because sometimes they sell out of certain bags even before the floorset.
  8. Looks like I gotta go on friday! they wouldnt show me anything :sad: boooo!
  9. My store was ready to sell the sophias to me today but I can't get there until Wednesday so they have put 5 sophias on hold for me. My store sold me the blue sequins spotlight a week before it was due out on the floor.....
  10. my store said they would show the new bags to me, they would hold or do a presale and i could pick it up on friday. The larger boutiques (Bloor & Yorkdale) would have more selections.
  11. Are Sophia's limited to the flagship stores?
  12. ^ nope, but the flagship stores will have a greater selection
  13. My closest FP store is @ The Shops at Don Mills.... do you think they'll carry the gathered Sophia in black? I also have to go there to return something at Anthropologie so I'm hoping to do a 2-in-1 hahaha.
  14. that's my store too :biggrin: but i've been shopping at yorkdale and only bought some key fobs at don mills.
    i only asked about the "regular" leather sophia, he said they don't get all the styles so give them call to see if they have it :smile:
  15. I am mental crissy, I forgot that they have done this for me! When I got my inlaid peyton last December they gave it to me about a week before it was officially released.