Question for Cabas/ Baby Cabas Owners...

  1. Hey all!
    I did a search on this beforehand so I apologize if I missed it after all.
    I'm wondering if the owners of the Cabas bags can give me an honest opinion as to whether the chain gets at all uncomfortable or digs into the shoulder when the bag is weighed down...? I tend to really stuff my bags with everything but the kitchen sink and am worried it won't be comfortable to carry for a long time.
    Also- am I understanding correctly from the threads that there are now two different Baby Cabas bags, of different sizes? I think I'd want the navy or grey with the quilting on the bottom, but am not sure whether that's no longer going to be made from what I've read.
    Thanks for any advice you can give to a Cabas newbie:yes:
  2. hi sweetie, i see u jump around here LOL

    i have the original cabas in vinyl and the baby cabas, my original in leather is still on its way though so i can't give comments yet.

    honest opinion :
    original cabas vinyl :
    whne it's empty, it's really really light! so far lighter than a balenciaga bag, because it's vinyl and only the chains are weighing down.
    when i filled it with stuffs which i always did. honestly the chain kinda weighing me down.
    it hurts my shoulder, but i tend to switch between shoulders.

    baby cabas (the old one aka smaller :p) :
    i LOVE the size, at first i was hesitate to buy it, because as u know i'm a fond of big bags. but when i finally get this bag, i can't believe that this bag is actually big, it can contain more than my city. and even though i filled it with stuff, it doesn't hurt!! maybe because the size is deep, so it doesn't weighing down (gravity theory? :p).

    yes, now there's 2 style of the "baby cabas" aka the cabas with quilting in the bottom.
    the first one which is what i got, and the new one which is i believe is as big as the original coco cabas or slightly smaller?
  3. I just got the baby cabas, the smaller one, and so far it has been very comfortable. I carry a wallet, agenda, key case, makeup bag, sunglasses & cell phone in there and it is fine. I would not hesitate to buy it.
  4. I found the straps on the baby cabas to be uncomfortable- they do dig in a bit which I could tell would probably really hurt after awhile. They also don't stay put- one would repeatedly slip off my shoulder which was very annoying.
  5. I have the larger "baby" cabas (same style as the baby cabas, but larger size) and with the new chain. The new chain has more leather intertwined with the actual metal chain so it should, theoretically, be more comfortable. I haven't used it yet, so unfortunately I can't say whether or not it's practical, but I plan on carrying it as a everyday/gym tote :yes: