Question for BN1844 Owners!


Jan 4, 2008
Manchester, UK
Hi Ladies :smile:

I have a quick question for those BN1844 owners (or owners of any open single compartment tote really!) do you keep the contents of your bag secure? And do you ever feel conscious about how open the bag is?

I'm deciding between getting the 1844 or the 1786 as my first Prada tote, I like the slouchier shape of the 1844 better, but travelling into a major city everyday I worry the bag isn't particularly secure for pickpockets etc. whereas the 1786 has the two zipped compartments but I don't like such a rigid shape. I was thinking of getting the 1844 and using a purse organiser or making a drawstring bag to fit so I could fasten it up inside...what do you think?


Jan 27, 2014
I was always completely neurotic about having a bag that didn't completely zip up. Then I fell in love with a Daino tote - the BR4970. I've been using it nonstop for several months and haven't had any problems (knock on wood!). In fact, I've started to actually love the open single compartment. I feel like I can find things more easily, get in and out quicker, etc. I've even flown with it and loved it.

As for pickpockets, I can't be sure. I usually keep it up under my arm, which may help with some additional security. Although a good pickpocket could probably get into any bag. Someone told me once when I was traveling that a trick they often use is to slice the side of your bag with a if someone does that, the zipper or open bag really won't matter anyway.


Sky Luma
Sep 23, 2010
Always go with the bag you love the best, because you're spending your hard earned money. As for using an open bag -- I suppose it's a risk we all take but as long as you're cautious and keep your bag in your lap on transport you should be fine. But then again, when you use a designer bag, you ALWAYS need to be cautious no matter what style it is too.

Is it a silly suggestion to use a small bag that fits into the 1844 to carry the important belongings (wallet, keys, phone, glasses) so if someone was going to remove the contents, it would actually be big enough to be felt? You know, instead of someone just sneaking a hand it and getting the wallet which is considerably small, they would be trying to pull out something a lot bigger and harder to get away with.


Jan 19, 2014
I have a large bag and use multiple smaller bags inside to store things like tissues, medications, lip balm, etc. however, i dont have bags for my wallet, keys, phones, etc. so its personal preference.