question for Blue Jean lovers

  1. I would love to hear which colors of clothing you think BJ looks best with and colors it does not work with. Maybe this is obvious, but not to a non BJ owner.
  2. look at fesdu's recent post in the action thread today for some ideas.
    blue goes with blue, red, pink, purple, white, green, brown, black, grey, beige....
    well, i can't help it. i've never seen the sky clash with anything. lol
  3. HiHeels, very true! I love your post:roflmfao:

    Golconda, two years ago, I bought a Blue Jean Bolide 31 and it was just the prettiest bag! But, you know, I seldom carried it and ended up selling it because I couldn't find anything/colors to wear with it.

    What on earth was I thinking? Selling it was not one of my better ideas:s

    Obviously, my imagination was on vacation. If I had a BJ Hermes now, I could find 20 things to wear with it, just as hiheels stated above.

    Golconda, are you considering a particular Blue Jean Hermes?
  4. I dont have a blue jean bag yet, but have spent a lot of time examining this question for myself. I am no fashion maven and there are many others on this board who have much better color sense than I. However, for what its worth - and bearing in mind I am perhaps overly restrained in my fashion choices and tend not to think outside the box - I have concluded that blue jean is a so-called "pseudo neutral" - in other words, a color that acts like a neutral. Some of the best clothing colors with a blue jean bag are: khaki, stone/clay/taupes, all degrees of grey, all degrees of beige and tan, white, brown, all denims. Also works with: navy, black. ice blue, lavender. I havent investigated how it does with the "red/pink/orange" family since I dont wear those colors.
  5. :lol: I love to see ladies in white with blue jean ... same reason I like to stare at white clouds in the sky!
  6. I wear lots of black, white, beige/cream, taupe. I find that Blue Jean goes very well with these colors.

    When I have to wear red (like now...Chinese New Year), I would stick to a black bag. I'm aversed to "color-overload" when I dress. :p
  7. I like it with jeans as well. You could wear it with any blue color ( tonal dressing)

    I do like it with white, grey, black, pink, browns, yellows etc.

    For any colored bag, find the right scarf in the colors of the clothes your wearing and the color of the bag as well. That will tell you what colors you can wear it with, but will also tie the outfit together if the clothes you are wearing are not "neutrals"
  8. all white with a turquoise shirt:nuts: