Question for BLONDIE BOWLER owners

  1. hi, ladies! hope you can help me! i have a white-webbed blondie (see pic below) and my friend just acquired the same bag with webbing, except the bag's in black. i was just wondering about her bag because aside from an interior pocket, hers also contains a separate cellphone pocket, and mine doesn't:confused1: -it just has the interior pocket.
    does anyone have a blondie bowler with two interior pockets? is it possible the one with the additional cellphone pocket was a later model?
    i don't want to think at all it's a fake because she buys all of her bags authentic (LV suhali le fab, LV pochette rabat, etc....all right in front of me too:wtf: :crybaby: ) TIA:flowers:
  2. hmmmmmmmmm, i donno BooYah-girl, i've got an authentic black blondie bowler & it doesn't have a cell phone pocket either (?) :confused1:...hopefully the other blondie bowler owners can solve the puzzle ;)
  3. ooooh, thanks so much, bama-sweetie, for your response on your gorgy black blondie!

    so far the score is:

    with cellphone pocket=none
    w/out cellphone pocket=2(you and me)
  4. hi there, i would like to ask how much your paid for the blondie bowler? if you dont mind me asking? thanks! (to both booyah and aaallabama)
  5. Mine doesn't have a cell phone pocket either. Here's the description of the Blondie bowler fall '04 release from the Gucci website:

  6. ^^ the bowlers go for $1K+
  7. thanksss aaallabama:yes:
  8. hi there,

    i would like to ask for the measurements of the blondie bowler, also, isit big enough to fit A4 documents comfortably and still have enough space for other things?

    THANKS ALL:yes:
  9. I'm not sure what A4 docs are, but the measurements are posted above. =)
  10. hey guys, I love this bag!!!! I have actually been looking for the proper name for it! Do they still sell them or are they discontinued :sad: I really really want one! thanks gals
  11. ^That's fake, Gucci bags never come with a black card...
  12. thanks lotsss thithi, did not notice the measurements up there..:sweatdrop: :lol:
    anyway, A4 is the size of the normal paper that we usually write on, i think it should be able to fit in, but with a bit of difficulty...:shrugs: THANKS!! again
  13. My white bowler does not have a cell pocket; just one interior zipped pocket.
  14. hi there, i have asked a friend who deals with gucci and she says that there is no cell phone pocket for the blondie as far as she knows, hope this helps...
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