Question for black Bbag owners??

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  1. I have a black day that I absolutely LOVE :heart: The leather is smooshy, thick and gorgeous, however, I would really love it to be a little "blacker" as it is looking a little washed out. Are there any treatments, conditioners, etc that bring back that darker black appearance? Just wondering if anybody has used anything and really liked the result? TIA!! :tup:
  2. Sorry, maybe the LMB shine restorer?? Although I have not heard all good things about that.

    Both my blacks are intensely black, almost wet-looking.

    Hopefully someone has experience here...
  3. I had the same problem and would recommend moisturising it with Lubriderm. They use it at BalNY, too! Good luck Purse-Ooooh!:yes:
  5. Do you want to order my Rockstar Jet Black???:nuts:[/quote]

    Hmmmmm....sounds like someone I'd love to meet! :supacool: LOL!!
  6. I have never heard of anything that makes them darker. Strangely my 04 black is a little darker than my 07 because the 07 is more marblized(sp?) and the 04 is smoother. Good luck and if you find something let us know!!
  7. I agree with Marie. I used it on my Black Weekender which almost looks like a Gray-Black (and I want it to be Jet Black)...the lubriderm helped restore the shine and my bag seems a bit darker now too.
  8. ok everyone is going to have a heart attack but i put Origins 'Have A Nice Day' face moisturizer on my black 06 city and it literally drank it up! My bag was kind of dry and the leather actually felt a bit scaly if you rubbed against the grain. The bag is now softer, shinier, darker, and it smells like citrus.
  9. Lubriderm is great. If you're willing to do some work, a little Eucerin and a lot of massaging will, on first look, appear to dull the finish. keep massaging, and buff lightly with a soft cloth. It's good for really dry bags. But I like patina, not shine, so it's not for everyone.
  10. ^^ That is what I was afraid of. I want moisture but I want more of a matte look. I ordered some appleguarde because I need something. I carried my black city almost everyday and now she is really dry looking.
  11. Do you want to order my Rockstar Jet Black???:nuts:[/QUOTE]

    zacorey - what are you talking about??? would love to know what a rockstar jet black is, seriously!

    that's great to know that people have had success with LUbriderm - i used shine restore and it does nothing. i have a black day that needs a little loving too, so i'm going to give that a try, thanks!
  12. I've had really good luck with the LMB Ultra Moisturizer....I don't know if it will make it "blacker" persay, but I LOVED how it made my Caramel Twiggy feel!

    It's not too expensive either, and I love the smell.
  13. I have a 07 black city and it's also looking too black-grey to me. I wonder if all the 07 blacks are like this because it sounds like the older bags are very black.
  14. ^^try giving it a lubriderm rubdown every few days, and letting it sink in overnight. you'll see a difference.

    imagine never putting lotion on your legs! They'd look dry too!
  15. It varies. My twiggy is that black grey and very matte but my work is jet black and shinier (but not super shiny) and they're both from 07