Question for betty owners

  1. Those of you who own a betty-do you still love her?? I was in Saks in Vegas this past week and saw a light gray betty(larger size) on sale for around $1000. It was originally close to $1900 I believe. I really liked it and kept coming back to it to try it on. One of the SAs told me that sakes will be reducing sale items an additional 30% on wednesday and she thought it might include this bag. She is holding it for me and will call me when she finds out. So this bag will be about $700!!! What do you guys think? I've done so much handbag damage lately but I really liked betty! :graucho: And what a price!! So I'd love to hear any pros and cons about her!
  2. Pros: Cute bag; amazing price!
    Cons: Very soft leather, so scratches likely; experienced denim dye transfer with my Betty, so gave her to sis... Sis loves her, but finds her a bit "large" (sis likes Balenciaga first size)...
  3. Thanks socal! The leather is yummy but I didn't think about scratching and color transfer. And the grey is really a light color.....Hhmmm...
  4. I just bought the chocolate Betty at the Nordstrom sale. I love it, I have the medium size and it is just right. I know some of the Betty's have different leathers. While Saks is holding the bag, you should see if there is another color available.
  5. I have the white betty and I absolutely adore her too. The grey actually has nice leather. I have seen some tan (not quite chamois) colored ones where the leather literally looked like plastic and I was somewhat miffed by it.

    I have a medium (or the summer large) size and I absolutely adore her. She's a lot of fun, she has the casualness of gym bag. I don't think you'll have much of a problem with color transfer on the grey though as you would if you got the white or ivory. I've been very lucky with my white bags (not my metallic ones though).

    Good luck and for that price, it's amazing!!!
  6. Thanks ann and balenciagalove!! I was so drawn to this bag when I first saw it and then to find out I might get an additional 30% off.... I guess I'll sleep on it until Wed and then make my decision. Too bad I'm back in maryland and can't go in and try it on again!! I was in Nordstroms today but I didn't see any bettys.
  7. I have the medium Chocolate one and I absolutely LOVE it. The leather does scratch easily but it rubs right out with a tiny amount of conditioner. It sounds like you are drawn to this bag, and for that price, I doubt that you will have any regrets! This bag is very functional, too. To me it's a very good investment! I'd definitely get it in another color, especially if they're lowering the prices even more! :amuse:
  8. i haven't been using mine much as it's black so it seems more of a fall/winter bag but at that price i think you have to go for it!
  9. oh i saw that bag in vegas! i love it!!!! i was actually thinking about picking that up. :rolleyes: you should get it if it's going more on sale.
  10. I have the betty - the larger one in black patent and I absolutely love her. The size is great - I especially love all the pockets. That is a great price and if it goes down even more you should definitely pick her up.
  11. They came out w/ a new style. I just seen the Betty chain tote for Fall.. It's TDF!!!!!!!
  12. Spoke with my SA-Betty is on her way!!!
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yes: :love:
  14. Congrats PGN:smile: You will love it...can't wait to see pics!
  15. Congratulations PGN! Post pics when you get her:biggrin: