Question for Bal Accessory Lovers

  1. I've been thinking about getting a Bal accessory like a CP or MU. Since I've never owned one before, I don't know how the leather is on the accessories. I know that on some bags they can be very thick, smooshy and chewy. Is this the case as well in accessories? Are there also thick and chewy leather when it comes to accessories or are all leather the same? Also, can the make up and coin purse get that "broken in" leather look?

    I really love the leather on my bags (05 and 07) and I'm hoping this is the same kind of leather they have in CP and MU!:tup:
  2. I can only speak as to the leather on my 'Money' is fantastic leather, soft, shiny, thick..loads of room inside and I have even carried it like a mini clutch..good luck..
  3. I would say it varies just like the bags.
  4. As zacorey said, it varies. The leather on my violet mu is comparable to the leather on the violet twiggy I had.