Question for Baby Cabas owners!

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  1. Trying to decide on a baby cabas, question is, can you get into it easily? If it is on your shoulder, and you are getting a coffee, can you grab your wallet without a big hassle? For instance, I had a Chloe Paddy for about one week, and I did not like it because you had to flop the lock over, take both hands to open the zipper, etc. It was awful. Also, does it hold a ton?


  2. Very easy! It only has a button closure that is magnetic so it's extremely easy to get in and out of. A lot of the times I don't even close it. :yes:
  3. Hi Irishgal :smile: - Minimal hassle and fits a ton! Love mine to bits! :heart:
  4. Great bag! Very easy to wear and fits a ton, yup! My only complaint is if you fill it up, it can be a little rough on your shoulder- esp since it's a chain strap. But other than that, I love it!
  5. When I had my khaki Cabas I had to remove the bag from my shoulder to take items out because the drop is short. It wasn't really a big deal due to the bag being so open (I never closed it either like missisa) but if you're used to bags where you can reach in and get your things out while the bag is on your shoulder this may bug you.

    It is a super comfortable bag to carry because it forms to your body, and very lightweight too.
  6. VERY easy and hold a ton!
    u won't regret it!
  7. i love my cabas, it's very to get in and our out of and pretty light so it's a great every day bag. you should go for it!