Question for Baby Cabas owners

  1. Hi Guys

    I have just been given a new Baby Cabas :smile: and was wondering if the leather softens up at all?

    At the moment the bag seems quite bulky under the shoulder and I was thinking that maybe if the leather softened then it might "fall" better.

  2. I'm surprised that you find the bag to be "bulky under the shoulders" - it's a nice sized bag so there is tons of room for your stuff at the bottom of the bag so that the top can lay flat against your body.
  3. I'm with Mon; it's never felt bulky to me either. Do you maybe have the Khaki color? I've heard that leather is a little stiffer. I've got a black one and it's the most comfortable bag I think I've ever had.
  4. Did you get the LATEST baby cabas with the braided chain? This new one is actually slightly bigger than the old baby cabas...if I am not wrong, imgg just bought one.

    Anyways, both should have the same kind of leather, don't worry it will soften a bit and will mod well with your body...great bag, enjoy!
  5. Thanks guys - I think I was just freaked out by the size of the bag becuase I am used to carrying a large classic flap. I played with the bag a bit last night and found a way to carry comfortably.

    Can't wait to actually take it out :smile: