Question for Azur owners...

  1. How do you keep it clean? I'm afraid of the handles changing color. I have lovingmybags handle cream. Does that work well? TIA!
  2. Are you referring to the patina? That's going to happen no matter what you do. I guess you can delay it some by using a product like apple guard. Personally I prefer the patina, but everyone is different!
    Baby wipes will help keep the dirt away.
  3. I'm sorry dear but the handle will change colour over time no matter what, cos whenever you take your bag out the leather will oxidizes. You can slow down the process by keeping the bag in their sleeper bag after using it. For dirt and stain I use baby wipe to gently wipe it off. :yes:
  4. But I'm wondering if the patina would look good on this bag cuz it's lighter in color. Hmm, I will keep it in it's dust bag as much as I can when not in use.
  5. applegarde might help

    there's a thread here before of someone who photoshopped the vachetta on the azur - it looks pretty good.
  6. The "white" of Azur canvas actually has cream undertones. It will look fine with patina.
  7. ckbe82- I love your chihuahuas!! SO cute!!!

    Back on topic, I think the azur looks real sharp but I am worried about how it will look with patina. I usually love patina but on azur I think I would like it light
  8. I had a little accident with mine once… I was wearing a new blue T- shirt and my purse turned into that color, I started to cry…:crybaby: and immediately went to the LV they clean it with an eraser! And it look like new again!! :yahoo:It works really good...
  9. Clean it with an eraser? Hmm...
  10. Actually, be very careful with erasers. It depends on what kind of stain you've got. If it's a color transfer stain it could work, but if it's dirt - it might smudge it in deeper. Magic eraser for example works magic, BUT the more you use it the faster dirt sticks right back, since you're actually removing a protective top coat each time you erase the grease away. If you over do it (I did once upon a time) you might ruin vachetta completely, because it will absorb moisture and sun 10 times quicker, and therefore turn faster not to mention it will be so dry like a sand paper.

    From my own experience I would suggest not to use any kind of erasers on any LV unless you have a very ugly, can't live with- ugly stain. Apple guarde kind of slows down a patina a little bit, but I've noticed that when a bag finally turns - it kind of has a grayish tone to it. After I ruined one of my bags with all of my "keep vachetta clean" experiments. I let all my LVs go natural.

    I got my Azur speedy on NOV 1 and have used it ever since. Let me tell you there IS a period when it just starts turning but not quiet there yet...when all you notice is a dirt on the handles, BUT once you start seeing a golden undertone on that vachetta - it just takes your breath away. My speedy is now very light honey color and it's just beautiful, I would never trade it for a brand new one, really.

    •Quick tip to minimize dirt on those virgin handles - wipe them with nose tissues (any brand) after each use. you have to apply a bit of pressure - when you see a dirt residue left on he tissue you know you doing it right.

    Sorry for the long post, HTH:smile:
  11. Hi again!! They did not used in the handles... they were not dirty... I agree with you... :yes:I dont clean the handles with anything! Maybe something dry...But in case of an accident like mine, stains... it works... I was really happy because it was all blue!!!! and I was cleaning it with water, wipes and nothing!
  12. Wow good to know just in case.
  13. The Damier Azur looks way gorgeous in a patina IMO.
  14. Dont use hand cream when carrying your bag, the cream and oils in your hand darken the handles. More so when cream is on your hand they darken faster.
    Keep the bag out of the sunlight as much as you can, thats about it. Whether you like it or not its going to happen.
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