Question for anyone with the Live Feeds for Big Brother 8 USA

  1. My mom asked me what 153 means :nogood:...apparantly it's been said between Danielle and Nick...I was wondering if any of you ladies who have the live feed might be able to put my moms mind at rest lol...we've tried the first 5 letters and the last 5 letters of the alphabet, I've tried searching 1 5 3, 153 and even one five three and nothing shows on google or on which makes me think that it's an internal thing between them and maybe it was explained in the live feeds...Thanks guy, my mom appreciates it (and so do I...she keeps bugging me about it LOL!) :yes:
  2. It means "I Adore you". It's 143 means " I love you." Count the number of letters. Flashback to the days before cell phones...brings it all back.
  3. THANK YOU! :yahoo: I was too young for a pager and my parents never had mom is very grateful! :tup: