question for anyone with the gathered large Madison shoulder bag

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  1. I brought this bag home yesterday and I LOVE it but I have a quality question. I put my things in the inside zippered compartment and noticed that the seam at the bottom of the compartment is on the inside. In other words it is not smooth and seamless but the stitching can be seen and felt. Is anyone else's bag like this or is it just my bag? Thanks for your help!!
  2. I just checked mine and it does not have any stitching on the inside. It is smooth all the way down to the bottom. Sounds like you got one with a mistake.
  3. sjh630- What color did you get? I noticed that on my black gathered also but honestly not a big deal breaker for me. I still LOVE mine to pieces!! :love:
  4. thank you so much!
  5. Hi RilCruz76. Thank you so much for the reply! I got the purple one and just happened to notice the inside seam of the pocket. I checked several of my other bags and all of them were a smooth pocket. It really isn't a deal breaker for me either unless mine was the only one like that!!
  6. haha I did the same thing when I noticed it and checked all of my bags. :amuse:
    I kept thinking "Wow..another way for Coach to cut corners..uggh" but thank goodness it had nothing to do with the outside of the bag...if it did OOoooo then I would certainly be raising some serious $&%^@!*&!! :cursing:
  7. Yeah, I really don't want to exchange it for that as the outside is perfect too! My store only got 2 purple ones and I was all the way out to my car with the first one and happened to notice that there was a glob of glue on the outside zipper track so back in I went. The 2nd one looked perfect all over but I never dreamed that I should check the inside pocket! I still haven't decided whether to keep the purple or exchange it for the black. Why can't I decide?!?!? LOL!
  8. Can you please post a pic of the purple one and a mod pic. Tia.
  9. Mine is fine but if it bothers you please take it back