Question for anyone with a conscience

  1. Ok, so I recieved my metallic reissue today. ONE MAJOR PROBLEM-my out of state sent me the wrong bag-no tags on it, nothing on the box-nothing to indicate what bag it is. The receipt was charged for the 227-however, I recieved the big 228. I brought it to my friend at Chanel to make sure of this-and he confirmed, its the 228. What do I do? I love it but she sent me the wrong size-for the wrong price....She even called to make sure I loved my bag-I didn't say anything about it being the wrong size. What do I do?
  2. Wow, ethical dilemma...I guess you must feel pretty compelled to let them know or you would not have you should go with your gut...
  3. I think you should tell her she sent you the 228 and charged you for the 227.
  4. sorry double post
  5. Do the right thing. Let he know they send the wrong size, and charged the wrong price. I believe in karma, what you do will come back to you, so if you do good, only good will come your way!
  6. I agree.
  7. I feel like she knows what she did-all the tags are gone and the box is blank. I should call-what's the worst that can happen-she charge me the difference? The silly thing is I didn't notice it until I compared it to my jumbo flap....than I started investigating-which was after I spoke to her.
  8. Call her and get it off your conscience. If it were me, I'd never be able to carry the 228 without feeling bad about it. It would always be surrounded with some kind of negative energy (in my mind, anyway).
  9. I agree. It isn't worth the $$$.

  10. I totally agree. Call and get it off your conscience. If it were me, I would not be able to carry the bag. I would think the bag were unlucky or something bad would happen to me while carrying it. It's just not worth it. Either call and get the bag you paid for or get charged for the difference. You'll feel better about it and be able to carry the bag. Maybe it will end up being your good karma bag too!
  11. ITA with that...
  12. I think the fact that you asked the question means you know what you want to do. I'm a big believer in good karma as well. :yes:
  13. call and tell her- she will probably tell you just to keep it.
    It will probably be more trouble to send it back and do the exchange adn then her superiors may find out she made a costly mistake and she might get in a little trouble. Only talk and tell her though, give her a chance to correct her mistake is she is able.
  14. i agree call her and tell her you think it is a 228 , then see what she says. Maybe she made the mistake somehow . but yes I think it is the right thing to do.
  15. I totally agree!