Question For Anyone Who Owns Large Ergo Khaki/mahagony Tote

  1. Hi everyone, I bought a large signature ergo tote on eBay(khaki/mahagony) Posted the link here, and it looked real. But when i received it, i noticed it had a yellowish in color thicker stitching on the inside, top area (ABOVE THE STITCHING THAT IS ABOVE THE INSIDE ZIPPER) and in the same place on the other side of the bag as well. Am I making sense lol. Then, under that row of stitching, a row of white stitching. I am not able to post pics very often because my husband takes the camera to work daily, so I can only try to describe it best i can, and hope one of you that owns this particular tote, can verify if this is normal for this tote.
    I do believe it's real, based upon the feedback i received from you gals here. It just seems kind of odd to me, that that one row of stiching is off color and thicker, than the white stitching of the rest of the bag. I am fairly new to coach, i need HELP! Can someone PLEASE ease my mind!! I love this tote!
  2. the best thing would be to borrow the camera, snap some pics and post them. i am a visual and not very good at imagining what you are talking about.kwim? we would love to help you with this.

  3. Thank you. Will do!
  4. I am posting the pics in the authenticate this thread.
    Thanks everyone!
  5. For some reason i am unable to post the pictures. it tells me upload error, invalid file?
    I don't know what i am doing wrong?? i'm gonna try and see if i can figure it out.
  6. Hi, I cannot post a picture/pictures of the bag, because one pic exceeds the size limit it will allow, and i have my camera set on the smallest setting. :sad: If there is someone out their that owns this handbag that can answer my questions, I would soooo apreciate it!!! Thanks , Jenny
  7. Okay, to anyone who may be reading this thread!, I realized that i could go back to the eBay link, and post the link- (it shows the yellowish stitching i'm talking about, if you look closely) I am sorry for any confusion, as i am computer illiterate!! lol
    I posted the link in the "authenticate this" thread. Hoping someone that owns this bag can help!!
    Thank you!!!