Question for anyone that owns a Blake

  1. Are you able to wear it on your shoulder. I can't tell how short the handles are. I'm about to place an order on the phone for a large multipocket, but I don't know if that's too big and if I should go with a Blake. I'm just worried I will have to carry it in my hands and I definately don't want to do that lol.
  2. Thank you!! I just saw this and I LOVE that color and I have always like the Blakes.


    Now I can't make up my mind on which to get. I'll just get my Multipocket now and see if I can find a Blake in that color later.
  3. ^^ whoah, where'd this pic come from? I agree on the that peacock blue? Congrats on your multipocket, I love that style too!!
  4. Holy! I like that color blue too!! What is that! Bag.lover will be here to confirm...!!! I have a blake and love it..I carry it in the crook of my arm (so pretty!!) or put it on my shoulder for hands free....Once in a while though one of the straps will flop down when carrying it this way if I don't tuck it 'up there' good....But it is in no way a reason to not purchase this bag...LOVE IT!!!! What color multi pocket do you want to buy and from where? Large or small? (I have mp but toying with purchasing a large one too) Can anyone say A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N !?!?!? :heart: Emmy
  5. What a great picture (ad) that is!! Amanda Bynes is so cute!
  6. It came from some European site. I was googling pictures of the Blake and Venetia to see the handle sizes and that came up. I'm not usually one for blue bags, but god do I love that color. It might be Peacock, but I'm not sure. I think we need an expert.

    Thank you. I am supposed to get a call back from the SA at the NM LC to make sure everything was okay with my order. I am sooooooo excited. It's a large MP in Ferrari Red and it will be my first MJ bag *tear*.
  7. ^^ I'm so excited for you and your ferrari red MP!! Great first MJ!!
  8. Thank you. I just hope it's not too big lol. I have never carried a large bag like that so I hope I get used to it.
  9. Okay found another photo of that same bag. If I ever find this this will be an early birthday present to myself.

  10. YEAH!! Happy Birthday to you AND me!! Let me now if you find it!! I'm sure you'll love the large mp..I'm drooling over YOUR bag!!! Please post pics when you get it..Great choice..HOT color!! :heart: Emmy
  11. so pretty! I think that photo with Amanda was copy pasted with the bag... the bag is not that big in proportion!

    sure looks like peacock blue to me...
  12. ^^Haha yes, it definitely looks photoshopped!
  13. Like Emmy said, Blake can be worn on the shoulder. This style is lady-like, I like it being not too casual looking. It can be dressed up and down: suits, khaki pants, etc.

    Aspw just posted some modeling pictures:

    It looks like Peacock Blue (official color name) from F/W 2004.
    I just looked over my list of colors/styles for that season (from MJ lookbook), the color's available for Venetia, New Stella, New Sophia, Pocket Satchel, etc. It's not listed as one of the colors for Blake, not sure if I accidently left it out.