Question for all you pearl experts

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been reading up on pearls and from my understanding, a big no-no with pearls is to layer them on top of anything that can scratch them such as multiple chains? Is this true and always the case?

    I want to get this Pearls by the Yard Tiffany's necklace but I'm wondering if the design defeats the purpose of having pearls because they will just end up getting scratched and losing their lustre?

    Here is the link to the necklace

    TIA ladies!
  2. Yeah! That layered style would definitely scratch the pearls! If it was just a single layer, I'ld get it! Im always extra cautious with my pearls and make sure they dont come in contact with abrasive materials, chemicals, lotions, perfumes, extreme heat, dry atmosphere etc....the list goes on and on LOL Im curious though, if the metal is silver, how would you clean the tarnish off without affecting the pearls? I mean, in time, the nooks and crannies of the chain would have some dirt and need some major cleaning. You cant use a liquid dip because it will certainly destroy the pearls. Unless you bring them back to Tiffanys for cleaning each time. I love it though!
  3. Check out wether the chain is a smooth link,I can't see Tiffs setting themselves up for endless future complaints,thier hardness is only between 3/4 so they aren't the hardest of things,I think if the metal is white and has a silver base it could well be rhodium plated to stop tarnishing,again I would check that out too.Its exactly as Sol says they do require care and a more attention than other things,but I'm definately with her that I love the idea!!xxx
  4. You should see how wholesalers treat their pearls...even their gorgeous big monster pearls. They throw those suckers around in hanks and it's just crazy. For the most part, as long as you treat your pearls with basic care they are pretty tough.

    I would not mix/match them with any rough chain but I wouldn't have a problem layering with some smooth and lightweight chains.

    The other option is to perhaps get a less expensive set of pearls to use for layering and save the good pearls to wear alone. :smile:
  5. The necklace is beautiful, but I would worry about scratching. I only have my own personal experience to go by, but I just got a beautiful pearl and diamond necklace and wore it once. I somehow scratched one of the pearls. I am just sick about it. They are so delicate and fragile, or at least they seem that way to me.
  6. That is so true!!! I have been to trade fairs and they are on big multi-stranded bunches and they just bazz them about!!! Even the big South Seas!!!!!!!!!!!!!But if its only pearls rubbing pearls they should'nt really damage each other,but God it makes you wince when you see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf:
  7. Thanks for all your replies everyone! I think the necklace is probably not a great idea because I'm never going to be able to remove tarnish off the chains and stop the pearls of scratching. Booo its such a pretty necklace :sad: