Question for all you Hermes Experts!

  1. Hello Ladies :smile:

    I am very unfamiliar with Hermes and have only gone into the boutique a few times, coming out with nothing. Recently I've really liked the birkins. How do you get on waiting list for one? Can I go to the store and tell them what I want there? And how long is the wait usually? 2 years? Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Welcome Lisa! Good questions! Here's a link to FAQ regarding Birkins & Kellys that Dianagrace put together; I think there's a pretty good discussion on getting a bag under the Is the Birkin worth the wait thread. HTH!

    I think most of us agree that the one of the best ways is by developing a relationship with an SA at your local store or by going abroad to the mothership store or Buenos Aires. Some stores are very firm about not doing orders (i.e., SF) but if you tell them what you want they will keep an eye out for you since stores get random shipments of bags. Wait-time varies depending on what you order. Exotic skins seem to take longer, whereas others can come in as little as 6 months. I'd definitely check out the Reference Library and post whatever questions you may have. Good luck!