question for all the tall girls

  1. How high of heels will you wear? I am already 5'7.5" tall and sometimes I feel like a giant or rediculous wearing shoes that make me almost 6 ft tall.
  2. I am 5'8 & love 3-4" high heels but totally feel like a giant especially since my friends are like 5'2 with heels. When I go out, sometimes I am almost the tallest person in my 4" heels. I use to feel freakish & awkward but luckily my SO is also tall. I just remind myself that most people would kill to be tall
  3. I am 5'9" and feel freakishly tall, but I sometimes wear them anyway just for fun. My Dh is 5'8" so that doesn't really help.
  4. I actually wish I was 2 inches taller. I'm 5'9"; and I wear hh all the time. I don't feel strange. My friends think I am a freak for the fact that all my shoes are 4" and higher heels. I also live in an predominantly asian community. I am always the tallest person in the elevator. LOL

    The only time I ever felt uncomfortable was when I was dating a guy who was only 1 inch taller than me. But then he told me it didin't bother him if I were taller.

    The one time I didn't wear high heels and I went to a party after work, and their were models all around wearing high heels. I actually felt short for the only time in my life. Tall gals rock. A lot of women would love your height. Stand proud, literally. :smile:
  5. I'm 5'10", and I LOVE wearing tall heels. I'm actually kind of a klutz in flats :p so I do much better in shoes with some kind of heel. My legs are my most admired asset so I might as well show them off to their advantage. ;)
  6. I'm 5 7.5 and I wear 3 and 4 inches heels all the time. When I was very young I used to be very ashamed of being so tall since I'm puertorrican and believe me, latinas are not too tall. But when the years went by, I realized that being tall is great and I overcome the complex of being tall. I love heels and when you wear them, believe me your whole outfit changes!! The air is great up here:wlae:
  7. I'm 6ft and my heels are typically 3 to 4 inches. It helps that my beau is 6'5. I tend to wear shorter heels to work though. I love my height and I love heels.
  8. I'm 6'2" and wear heels (not 4" heels, but 2" or 3" ones). I love being tall, DH is 6'7". I have great legs (37" inseam) and I love making them look even better in heels. be proud to be tall!!
  9. I'm 5'10" tall and the highest wedges/heels I wear are like 2 or 2 1/2 inches. :smile:
  10. I'm 5'11" and wear 4" heels. (My daughter is 6'1" and also wears high heels). I think wearing heels has everything to do with the way you carry yourself, your posture and if a gal gets that right, it doesn't matter how gorgeously tall (or short) she is.:smile:
  11. I agree. The one thing I love about heels is that you can't slouch in them or you look like an idiot. They instantly give you poise.
  12. 180 cm and wear heels 90% of the time, ~7-8 cm. However, I never wear platforms or wedges.

    Jeans inseam is 36 or 37, depending on brand (I wear R&R and Notify).
  13. I'm 173 cm/5'8", so I'm not very tall. I'd actually love to be few inches taller. Anyway, I wear heels (mostly about 3", sometimes 5"+) most of the time. Without heels my posture looks bad and I slouch.

    Being a bit taller than some is normal to me. Without heels I feel myself too short since IMO it's really disturbing to talk with someone who is waaay taller than me, lol! (My best friend is shorter than me though, she's 158 cm, and if I'm wearing very high heels we look a bit funny together :biggrin:).
  14. that is like me and my SO!! I am 5'9.5" and he is 5'8". I usually don't wear heels because they hurt, but I do have some 2-3" ones.
  15. i'm 5'10" and always wear hh 2-3 inches. we're not going to look any shorter so live it up. show off those long legs!