Question for all the HK Chanel Girls

  1. Just wonder which Chanel boutique you usually go to for your Chanel needs.

    I am from HK as well but I only discovered this forum like, a few weeks ago...!:weird:
  2. Welcome MIffy27! No worries, you'll find yourself familiar to the forum and other tPFs very soon!

    I usually go to the one at Prince's Bldg if I'm really buying (the decor is so nice), but for browsing around I'll check out the Pacific Place shop. Airport shop (after the Immigration counters) have some good stuff also.
  3. At Lee Gardens
  4. I have to say I love the airport shop as well!

    I am a Kowloon Chanel girl so I shop at the boutiques on the Kowloon side! In fact, I find shopping there a lot more satisfying than in boutiques on the island side!
  5. I live in Hong Kong island and I'm in the middle of Lee Gardens and Pacific Place boutique! But I usually go to Pacific Place because it's easier to go there.
  6. My workplace is just across from Canton Road shop, so I usually visit Habour City store.
  7. puffy,
    is BK down now?
  8. LEE GARDEN.SA very nice.
  9. Lee Gardens