Question for all Rolex owners....

  1. I was currently mulling over getting a 33 mm Chanel J12 (it is the PERFECT) size for me, but was worried about its fashion "staying power." I have decided to get a Rolex instead and was wondering if the "midsize" lines are about the same as the 33 mm J12. I really am not fond of the lady Rolexes even though I have super tiny wrists. To me, the lady ones just look too dainty and kind of "old" (no offense to anyone that has one!) Also, I have seen numerous styles stating they have a pink dial, yet in the photos it looks much more salmon/coral colored. What does the pink look like IRL?? Thanks everyone!! :p :p :p
  2. I have really small wrists too and I love my midsize Rolex. I think the watch looks better a little chunkier! I also have a ladies tag "link" with diamond markers which is a smaller watch and love it but it's also a sportier watch, I know what you mean with the ladies model Rolex, it's just a little more contemporary in the larger size........I don't know how to explain it but the midsize just felt right.
  3. For comparison, the midsize Rolex's are about 31mm :yes: