Question for all original print bag users...

  1. This is a bit of a silly question, but I'm afraid of using my new OP Buon Viaggio because I'm so afraid to get it dirty. I know that it's not as white as the Adios Star print, but I'm so paranoid that the one day that I do carry it, it's going to be the one time that I get some sort of stain on it. For all of you that carry your OP bags on a regular basis, does it stay pretty clean or does it dirty easily?

    Since the OP is getting harder and harder to find, I don't want to take the chance of ruining my bag since I know I won't be able to find another one. I still can't believe that I found my bag at a Nordstrom a few weeks ago. It looks like someone returned it recently because the SA was like "I've never seen that bag before, is it new?"
  2. WOW at Nordies?! Did you get at retail? I still havent used my OP BV since I got it 2 months ago?! I should give it some love soon... How about using it once in a week and put it in rotation?
  3. Yup, I found it at South Coast Plaza Nordstrom and I was looking through the tokidoki bags and under some Notte, Spiaggia and Pirata bags, the OP BV was hiding under there! I got it at retail (I think it retailed at $148 or something...they must have had a price increase somewhere along the way) and I had a $20 Nordstrom reward certificate to use.

    Good idea on the rotation! I usually get a too lazy and carry my bags for a week or so though. We should definitely give our OP's some time out with us. Its so pretty that I don't want to ruin it though! I keep wearing it around the house and looking in the mirror, but the tags are still attached and I haven't even put my stuff in it yet!
  4. yah i got my op bella bella at the lesportsac outlet (on sale :yahoo:).
    i use it the most and so far it has stayed pretty clean.
    i guess rotating the bags is a good idea, since we all spend lots of money
    on these bags, might as well show um off!

  5. YAY for you!! Did it come with the meomi or dalek qee?
  6. ooo lucky when'd you find it at south coast?
  7. Mine stays pretty clean, though I do rotate bags. I still don't see how people get their bags so dirty in the first place, but I guess I do not have kids and I don't go to places that are packed with people? IDK..but anyways yeah my bag stays pretty clean.
  8. I have the OP bella bella, but I don't use it that often... I only use my bags on weekends so I rotate them, matching them with what I wear. I've Scotch Guarded my bag and, same as Jess, I don't really go places that are "packed" with people and I naturally don't put it anywhere dirty or let people bump into me.

    Rotation is a very good idea.
  9. Hehe I carried out my OP stellina today and got compliments from a SA while shopping in a small boutique. I rotate my 3 tokis regularly and they stayed pretty clean. I went out with my OP quite a few times in Beijing this summer and was surprised that it didn't get dirty considering how much white there is on the OP and how polluted Beijing is.:p I'm not really obsessed with keeping my bags clean but I do handle them gently. Figure I can always use one of those magic erasers or whatnot to clean them up later.

    You should definitely take your OP out!! I'm sure you'll receive many compliments on that beauty :tup:
  10. I have an OP Bella Bella and OP Porta (2nd gen). I don't use the OP Bella Bella very often, because I rotate and have a lot of bags :lol:.

    I have not yet used the OP porta.
  11. So do I, the toki's dont come out till Fridays and the weekends. I use m y harajuku bag for everyday stuff. I'll also use my toki when I'm feeling crappy and it always gives me a pick me up!
  12. i use a tokidoki bag every day... probably use like 3-4 different ones in one week cuz i like variety :smile: i wear my long strap ones (like ciao ciao, ciao, etc...) and BV to work and the other "shoulder" strap bags going out... My OP bella bella has stayed very clean- just don't put it on the floor etc!
  13. i just switched from my paradiso zucca to my op bella bella.. i like to switch back & forth so that i don't get sick of seeing one print :p i've rotated from my inferno bella, to my pirata zucca, to my paradiso zucca all in the course of one week. i guess i just like using the bags that i have. my spiaggia bv has not gotten any use yet, nor the citta rosa campeggio, because those are kinda big bags :smile:

    all of my bags are spotless, and if they happen to look a teensy bit dirty, i hit it with the tide pen. scotchguard works, i guess! all of my other purses used to get so dirty, but my tokidokis are all clean :biggrin:
  14. unlike, jess and maya, i go to crowded places. ha ha. i have an OP bella and have used it a couple of times. it's still clean! :smile:

    you guys are making me all paranoid about my bags getting dirty. LOL!
  15. I got the BV maybe about a month ago? I can't remember but it was definitely after spiaggia being out and I think it was when Macy's was doing their pre-sales since I went to Macy's first and being disappointed and then heading over to Nordstrom, where I found the bag.

    I still can't decide if I want to use the BV. I also have a OP MM coming from Japan and since I've never seen the MM in person, I want to see both in person before using an abusing (well, not really, I take care of my bags!) either bag. Decisions, decisions!

    This toki obsession is bad...I keep buying new bags but I'm afraid of using them for fear of dirtying them up. The only bag that's gotten regular use is the Pirata Gioco only because that was my first bag and I *had* to carry it out. Now, I just stare and reorganize all of my newer bags without using them. Someone just come over and pull the tags off my new bags please and make me carry them! My DF is like "what are you going to do with all those bags? They just sit there!"