Question for all of you that took swingpacks to Disney...

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  1. How'd it work out for you?? I know, I said it wasn't a good idea to bring a Coach bag to Disney but I'm thinking it'll be a good idea since it gives you easy access. I'm just wondering how you're experiences went.
  2. We go to Disney EVERY YEAR (and I am going next month w/ you!!!!!)! I havent owned a swingpack until this year though! I did buy in Disney a Walt Disney World tote bag w/ the characters on it, that I have used for the past few visits! This year I am going to be bringing my swing pack though b/c it's so lightweight and easy to carry and get in and out of! Let me know if you get one to bring w/ you on your trip!!!!
  3. Well i've never been to disney... lucky ducks!
    however i have used my swingpack at amusement parks, and shopping at the outlet malls, and it's nice and easy to get into, my only problem was if you wanted something, to pt it back, you had to take everything out, but maybe thats just because i'm so ocd about having my bag organized.. or i just stuffed it....
  4. Do you normally go around December? How crowded is it? I go to Disneyland every spring and sometimes fall during the off season and it's pretty empty compared to peak summer times but I also heard December is bad.

    Anyways back on topic, I think a swingpack would be the only thing besides my little Dakine backpack. Keeps the hands free.
  5. i wear my swingpack to disney world all the time.. in fact, last time i went i wore a humongous coach bag..ha. it's fine. i wear my swing pack to concerts with mosh pits and where beer is thrown all around.. so..yeah. you should be okay.
  6. It's NOT crowded!!!!!!
    a backpack in Disney is a GREAT idea as well! I NEVER thought of that....that would leave us TOTALLY hands free/arms free/ etc..... I may just have to buy that cute Coach backpack on the website under Coach classics!!!!!! Thanks for the GREAT idea!!!!! :tup:
  7. I go to Disneyland all the time (only a few miles away), and Disney World once a year. Whatever you take, just make sure you don't mind if it gets wet. All of my Coach bags are leather, so they don't usually get to go to Disney. I usually take my Francesco Biasia messenger OR black LeSportsac Deluxe Everyday OR nylon Ameribag OR my funky and virtually bulletproof Nightmare Before Christmas bag (a gift from my BFF).

    Sometimes it is nice to remind ourselves that life is not a fashion show, and that the last thing we need to worry about is messing up a nice bag. You don't want to be a nervous wreck at the happiest place on earth. Now, go to the mouse house and have some fun!!!
  8. I used a swing pack last two times and it was fabulous. However, I think any crossbody purse would do. If all you need is ID, camera, and a phone, the swingpack is the perfect size.
  9. I've used three different Coach bags down at signature stripe camera case (bit roomier than a flat swing pack, a traditional swing pack, and a hamptons swing pack (that nylon-ish material)

    all have come back just as perfect as when they went down there!

    I even used my signature stripe wristlet at Islands of Adventure. I got SOAKED on the water rides, I had the wristlet in my back pocket...yes, it got drenched (as well as everythign inside), but when it dried, good as new.
  10. I use my swingpack and my Coach soho backpack at Disney.

    Have fun!
  11. Hi all.

    I worked at Disney World doing an internship from January-May of '06. I worked at Splash Mountain controlling the ride and all that jazz. I really wouldn't recommend bringing a Coach bag to the World. I can't tell you how many times ladies complained that their bag got wet on Splash or how many other times I saw stuff get spilled on bags, other people walking past and hitting/spilling stuff on bags...

    There is one bag that's sort of like the be-all and end-all bag that's discussed on a Disney forum - The Bagallini. True, it's not Coach, but it is the BEST when it comes to organizing and keeping your hands free. The messenger bag is light but it's also big enough for everything you need and everything you never knew you needed.

    Just a suggestion. :smile: I've never carried any of my Coach bags while in the parks. Too much can happen to them. Thank goodness nothing's happened to any of the abover posters' bags! Also, I agree with GOTRACEY - Disney just isn't the place to show your flashy, gorgeous Coach pieces. Keep those babies safe and out of harm's way! :smile:

    EDIT: Regarding Crowds -

    Sort of O.T. - The first 2 weeks in December are the BEST time to go to the World. No crowds, everything's decorated for Christmas and the holiday shows are going on. If you're going the week of/after Christmas and New Year's... Good luck. It's a mad house. Wall-to-wall people.
  12. i always use a cheaper cross body zip top messenger bag when i go to Disney, but i think a swingpack is a great idea. it's just big enough to hold the essentials, and will stay out of the way because it is so small!
  13. I bring my black signature swingpack with me every time i go to Disneyland ( I have a season pass). This always works great for me because I dont have to hold anything in my hands and the swingpack is the perfect size for my phone, season pass, a cc, and some cash. I also took the swingpack with me on a 2 week vacation through China this summer and it withstood my sweat just fine! Dont underestimate the durability of Coach products! ;)
  14. I always bring my small hobo to disney, has more roomt han a swingpack. I don't know a reason why not to bring a coach bag, they don't exactly get dirty or wet or anything (even on splash mountain). I juts bring something that can hold what i need, if a swingpack holds what you need then bring it. I've seen ladies walking around Disney World with LV and the like, so i think it's just a matter of preference.
  15. Im leaving for my Disney vacation this friday!!!! Based on everyone's advice I bought a black sig duffel and I adjusted the strap so that I can wear it cross body. I'll let you know how it goes! My mom went there on vaca 2 weeks ago and I let her borrow the bag (arent i a nice daughter! :P). She wore it in all the parks and it worked out really well for her so hopefully Ill be fine too!