Question for all of ya with Le Compagnon...

  1. Ever since I saw Giant Traveler, I've been waiting for it to come out in RH. I'm just not a GH kinda gal, and besides, it'd be another extra weight for me to carry when I travel:sweatdrop:

    But I was reading some reviews about Le Compagnon(the larger one) that it fits passport and boarding passes.

    I need a travel wallet to carry my passport, boarding passes, some documents, and itinerary. What do ya gals think? Should I wait for Traveler to come out in RH or would Le Compagnon do the job??
    Anyone with side-by-side shot of Giant Traveler and Le Compagnon??

    Do you girls use Le Compagnon for daily use or traveling?
    Post pics of what you carry inside of your Le Compagnon!:smile:
  2. I use it for a daily wallet and love all the credit card slots. When travelling, I use a vintage LV passport zippered case
  3. Tooshies, I use mine for daily use. I carry a few cards and a checkbook w/cover. It's not full but I really like it. It keeps everything I need and more if I want it to. The extra security of the zip is a nice feature. I can totally use it for travel too. It would work nicely to keep all paperwork/passports together.
  4. I think the compagnon would be great for travel and less bulky than the giant traveler...
  5. have you thought about the pochette? it will definitely fit tickets and passports and is not bulky at all. my only worry would be the tassels getting in the way..
  6. Is it long enough to fit boarding passes?
  7. I thought about the Pochette, but I don't really like the flap, and I think it'd take up too much space....
  8. Thanks, everyone for your input!!!

    Generally, boarding passes are about 8-8.5", right?
    I think it's a tight squeeze.....Will they fit inside Le Compagnon??:confused1:

    I like that it's more compact than the Giant Traveler, but whether it can fit boarding passes or not is my only concern....:s
  9. Tooshies...I just tried fitting in boarding passes, the boarding passes totally fit (at least the ones for Singapore Airlines)...the corners of your boarding pass paper holder will get a bit bent though...if you keep them in there.
  10. Oooh, good news!
    Humm, Maybe I really should get this instead;)