Question for all Legacy Shoulder bag owners???

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Aug 30, 2007
OMG OMG OMG....SAME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am totally annoyed by it TOO!!! its like i paid for a bag to sit straight not to slouch down (and not a good slouch)


Jun 11, 2007
in the middle of home renovations!
Your right, I knew it was Mommyville but forgot what bag it was.
Yes it was me, and it was a slim flap! The slim flap SEVERELY dented in on ONE SIDE only and looked ridiculous when I carried it, since it was only happening on one side. I took it to my boutique and the SA said it was a major defect so I returned it. On the shoulder bag I think the dent on the TOP is CUTE!!!! It forms it's own little slouch!!! :yes: