Question for all Legacy Shoulder bag owners???

  1. I bought my Legacy Signature Shoulder bag during last PCE and I absolutely love the bag except for the dent it makes when the bag is not full. :tdown: This bugs the hell out of me!!! :nuts: :cursing: It makes a dent on the back side of the bag and when it does this you can see the legacy lining on the back pocket. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem or do I just have a defective bag. There was someone else here who purchased a bag (don't remember what kind)and it made a funny dent on the side of the bag and an SA said it was defective so she returned it. Sorry I tried to upload a few pics but I kept getting an error message.
  2. can anyone help???
  3. Ya, mine does it too...the back side where the slip pocket is?
  4. mine does this as well... it doesn't bother me very much because my bag is usually full.
  5. I've never noticed that on mine but maybe it's because I always have enough in it. The defective bag was the slim flap that I believe mommyville (correct me if I'm wrong) had to return because one side dented in.
  6. Your right, I knew it was Mommyville but forgot what bag it was.
  7. thanks ladies for replying, I guess I'm stuck with the bag. I love this bag a lot even though it's heavy and the dent thing.
  8. Maybe just smile when you see the pretty legacy lining peaking at you? It is a great bag though! I love mine!
  9. Thanks, I was wondering what kind of wallet do you carry with your Legacy bag?
  10. I never noticed mine do that. But I always carry my bag with the back pocket on my side and the one with the turnlock key facing out (as it bothers my side) so even if it does dent, I probably would not have noticed it.
  11. It's funny how a lot of you never noticed the dent, maybe now you will. LOL!!!
  12. The wallet I have in mine now is a soho one with a big buckle on it (it's from the outlets). It's not a long checkbook style one. I also have a wristlet, a coin purse, a hand lotion, a photo brag book, and I think that's it... but mine does the same just never bothered me except that I worry about my legacy lining getting dirty. :sad:
  13. im getting a shoulder bag with my pce and i hope the dent thing doesnt bother me haha because then ill get all obsessive compulsive about it
  14. I just got a Legacy french purse in rose for this bag. I usually carry a compact clutch but I wanted a slimmer wallet for the shoulder bag because it can get bulky easily. It works perfectly for this bag!
  15. I've never really noticed it on mine but I suppose that "denting" is inevitable if the bag is empty be/c the other side is so much heavier between the extra pocket and the turnlock, which would pull it over if nothing is in the bag to support it. If you don't have much in it, maybe it would help if you put something on the "dent" side inside pocket to even out the weight? I usually have my ipod in that pocket so maybe that's why I don't have as much a problem with it.