Question for all Clay Maxene owners....

  1. My clay Maxene's were delivered today and are waiting for me to get home from work! I do have a question though for those of you that already own these. Do you find that if they get wet, the water spots show a lot, like they probably do on the whiskey?

    I live in Maine, and we already have gotten about 3 feet of snow. And while I don't plan to wear these out in a snowstorm (which I'm sure we'll have about 50 more of before summer) They might get wet just from normal walking around outside, to and from my car etc. Should I be worried about this? I definitely don't need them to look perfect, but after an SA at my store told me about someone who owned the Weslyn's in whiskey, after they got wet they looked like they had burn marks on them…I just wonder if I should take extra care with these...
  2. Thank you for asking this! I live in New England as well and i didnt even think if water might damage my boots.
  3. With the winter we're having we might need to be careful with our boots!
  4. I'm worried about my boots too. I have lots of snow around my place. Is there any way to protect the boots from getting too damaged??
  5. I wore them in the snow on Monday and they don't have spots on them that I can see with my naked eye.