Question for all Chanel Easy Caviar owners

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  1. #1 Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    I recently had the chance to purchase 3 easy caviar bags. Two have arrived already: 2013 cobalt blue and 2014 dark pink.
    Can the ladies that own these two bags please tell me if there is a difference in the caviar leather? It appears that the 2013 cobalt blue has a shine and the 2014 dark red is more matte.
    Thank you

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  2. Certain seasons CHANEL will make caviar leather be shiny or make them more matte. And sometimes they make one season's caviar softer or harder than others. :biggrin: (PS: Gorgeous Easy Caviars!!)
  3. Thank you- I found through some researching that the easy caviar was exactly what I needed all along - I just didn't know it existed!! Puffy like lambskin yet durable.
    I have the jumbo black easy caviar in route to my home as we speak. So lucky to get the red in brand new condition and the blue and black in "like new". 😀
  4. Hi graceandfaith, I've been wanted a easy caviar bag in black or beige for a while now, do u mind sharing where u were able to score these gems? And if it can be worn crossbody?
    Congrats, they are gorgeous
  5. I'd like to know if the blue has a sheen / shine to it too ladies. Anyone that owns one please chime in to confirm. 😀😀😀😀😀
  6. Hi Jess! Sure - I got the cobalt blue from Lollipuff. The dark pink and black I got from EBay - I had all three bags authenticated before buying. There is a cobalt blue on EBay right now if your search Chanel Easy Caviar.

    I can cross body it nicely but I am 5'4". The strap is also about 1 inch shorter then the classic jumbo which works great for me since the classic hit me double strapped a bit lower then I liked.
    Good luck!
  7. Hmmmmm - now I'm thinking - what if Graceandfaiths red bag since she said is brand new doesn't have a sheen like the blue because it hasn't developed a patina yet.
    Can any ladies that own a 2014 easy caviar in the matte colors : beige, light pink, dark pink weigh in on if their bags developed a patina??
  8. Thank you for all the info, will check it out, thanks
  9. I have a 2014 light pink. Don't think it has patina. Leather feels and looks matte to me.
  10. I have a 2013 black one. It has a bit of sheen to it.
  11. i wonder if the black that's coming on Saturday will be matte or shiny! Lol
  12. I have a 2014 black Easy Caviar and it has a sheen to it as well
  13. Hi! I think one of the bags (from 2013) may actually be an Caviar Chic. It had a soft metallic sheen to it and looked identical to the 2014 Easy Caviar (and it came in Cobalt Blue too- as well as red and purple). I had both bags and the only thing different was that one of them had a snap at the end of the zipper. Also, the Caviar leather was thicker and puffier in the 2014 version. Again, I'm not sure, but that may be the reason.