question for all cambon owners

  1. where was your cambon made in? i just bought a black and pink medium cambon tote and i found out it was made it italy. i thought all chanels were made in france?
  2. Both my cambons were made in Italy too but my other Chanels were made in France.
  3. How do you find out where they were made. I have two cambon bags but never paid that close attention.

    Where do i look???
  4. Inside the bag, on the label.
  5. I have seen chanels bags made in both France and Italy. My cambon tote from Saks is made in Italy as well.
  6. My cambon says Made in Italy (my CHANEL sunnies and shoes are made in Italy too).:smile:
  7. <--------------------My 2 black ones are Made in Italy.
  8. Italy for my Reporter and Bowler.
  9. My reporter and small tote are made in Italy, and my belt bag is made in France :yes:
  10. Made in Italy!
  11. Mine are all Made in Italy
  12. My 2.55 reissue is made in France
  13. all mine are from italy except my cambon pochette-france
  14. my cambon tote was made in italy
  15. I bought my Cambon from Saks and it is made in France! :yahoo: Its black with white CCs.