Question for all BV owners...

  1. I'm thinking about getting a shoulder bag/tote bag from BV. I've noticed that many of them are very deep (7 or 8 inches). I don't live anywhere near a boutique or store carries BV so I can only buy online and solely rely on measurements and my imagination. Does these deep bags feel awkward when you wear them over the shoulder? Do they protrude far out of your body that may look funny or create inconvenience? Thanks so much for your opinions!
  2. By depth, you meant the bottom of the bag? Veneta does not protrude much. In fact, most shoulder style will mold to your body and content inside the bag. For tote style with short handles, it may be a challenge to wear over shoulder. For messenger style such as the cube shape bag, it will collapse somewhat and wear comfortably.
  3. Yes, on the website it measures like width x height x depth. So i am talking about thickness of the bag. Just to kind of clarifying what you said... Since leather is soft, it should collapse a bit thus won't seem so far out from your body?
  4. I'm not talking about hobo style bags but tote bags kind of bags with square bottoms.
  5. if you buy from the website you can return it within a certain amount of time
    that is in the USA
    the website return policy is different from the store policy
  6. Thats true. But I generally want to avoid the hassle if possible.
  7. I've tried the pyramid and it seemed bulky.
  8. BV bags are generally soft (including the bottoms) and will collapse and mold to your body. It takes a few wears to break the leather in so will feel bulky under your arm at first. That was probably Viaggiare's experience because I've tried a beautifully softened Pyramid bag and it didn't feel bulky at all and I'm not a shoulder bag person.

    If you have a specific style in mind, you might post it so people can comment on it specifically. You can also contact the online personal shopper and ask how structured the bag (specially the bottom) is - i find they are quite familiar with the product and if not, they will likely research for you.
  9. For your viewing pleasure:graucho: my dd is carrying a Large Veneta 'bigmidori' against your littlem:biggrin:. She is about 150cm.

  10. I know what you mean. For myself, the Sloane sticks out more than is comfortable but my New Pyramid didn't protrude as much and was comfortable. I'm not as familiar with some other styles such as the Parachute bag which is attractive but looks like it would be uncomfortable under the arm.

    I guess this is why most of my BV's are the Venetas which drape to the body, but that's not the style you re asking about. Good luck!
  11. Check out the Compana style! It sits sleek on the shoulder and doesn't "stand away" from the body much. It's also easy to get into when on your shoulder. The large will be deeper (I prefer). It has more of a wider base than the classic veneta. Check the style out in the reference thread and good luck!
  12. Thanks much for all your opinions!