Question for all Britax owners

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  1. I too the plunge and purchased the Britax Boulevard this past weekend. My husband installed the seat, but I have a question. Are we supposed to install the seat in the middle of the back seat or behind the passenger seat? When my dd was in her infant seat we had the seat installed in the middle, now with the bigger seat I'm not sure where it should go. I currently have it rear facing behind the passenger, but I'm not sure if that the safetest place. Help!
  2. the middle is still the safest. and dh and i trying to figure out where we are going to put k-kay's big girl seat. seeing as we have 2 other kiddos in the back and one still sits in a booster seat.
  3. We have a Britax as well and they are big but it is safest to have it in the middle seat if you are able too.
  4. I agree, middle is best IF you can fit it :yes: Otherwise I think they say behind driver is best so you aren't tempted to turn around and try and soothe baby while driving.
  5. Check your car manual. Alot of times the uas/latch system is not designed to anchor the seat in the middle only on the sides.
  6. we have the blvd too and have placed it in the middle seat.
  7. I have the blvd too but our middle seat is too small to fit in, so we put it behind the driver's seat.
  8. We put our Britax in the middle as many cars nowadays come equipped with rear air bags.
  9. The middle seat is statistically the safest but only by about 25% at best. This stat includes all occupants (rear, forward-facing boosters adults etc) and we do know that rear-facing children are over 500% safer in a side impact crash (why it is the current recommendation to rear-face children to at least age 2). As mentioned by a pp, you often will need to use the seat belt to install in the centre (it is equally safe) as you often can't borrow lower anchors/LATCH. My advice is not to get too caught up on where the seat is installed and simply try and get it in a spot where it installs the best. A centre install that is less than stellar is not safe at all. Also, because rear-facing is so much safer if you have a forward-facing or booster’ed child we recommend to put them in the centre rather than the rear-facer as they may need the extra protection in a crash.

    For the poster questioning the safety of airbags in the back seat. Research has shown that side curtain airbags are not a concern for children so if you want them outboard (driver or passenger side) it's fine to do so.