Question for all '08 Chloe owners

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  1. I guess it does not matter what style of bags that you got....My question is do all of the 08 Chloes come with authenticity card and this laser-print serial number on inside of bag?:confused1::confused1: If so, when I am looking at 08 bags from now on on evilbay:devil:, should ask seller for both sides of the serial number, right?:okay: Just curious....I know the prune heloise comes with card and serial code, how about rest of styles...any saskia, lucite paddy, rivas, ada, new bay owners outthere???

    If you see a mad woman at SCP nordstrom this weekend, carrying a purple heloise, flipping thru every Chloe bag looking at the laser-tag:roflmfao::roflmfao:, that will be me.
  2. I can't speak to all the styles, but all 08 heloise and bay bags come with the new authenticity card and laser serial. I have been doing more shopping in Chloeland lately and all of the bags have both.
  3. oooh, bad lionlaw, fess up, what have you gotten?? Photos, photos, we want photos:nuts:

    Thanks for the reply:flowers:. I wonder if saskias and other styles came with the card the laser serials:s.
  4. The new Paddy and the new quilted Bay came with the same cards, etc. The dustbag was not the same soft ivory bag, but more of a white linen with white Chloe lettering. Just something to look for as well. I do not know if this is across the board, but my 2 new ones did.
  5. Both my Pigalle Quilted Bay and Prune Heloise came with authenticity cards, laser tags and linen style dust bags ( and the Chloe logo on the round swing ticket is printed in a slightly lighter ink).
  6. I have the Saskia and Anouska and they both have the card and laser serials :yes:
  7. I have the Bay Hobo and it has the new card and laser tag and new white cotton dustbag :biggrin:
  8. I have a feeling this one was something done to deter the fake ones -- -- esp, with the popularity of the Heloise, there are bound to be fake ones popping up, and since these new ID tools were sorta kept quiet, maybe the fakers won't know about them (or how to produce them properly) -- I think in the future, we should all be very careful about posting pics of these cards and/or the hologram tags -- don't forget, this forum's public and you DONT have to be a member to look at the pics that are posted within threads -- there could be evil lurking around the corner looking for new info!!:devil:
  9. yeah, no point in helping the fakers out, they do well enough on their own- bad people!!!!
  10. sounds like a very good idea!
  11. I bought a Saskia today and mine came with the authenticity card and laser-print serial number on inside of bag that you have all referred to. I also got the white linen type dust bag with it as well.

    I just finished registering my bag at Don't know what it will do for me...but oh well...something new to do.
  12. My new bag has a plastic card and the dust bag is as you described, but I have no idea what people mean by this new tag inside the bag
    could someone tell me what this "laser serial tag" is, I don't quite understand?
    many thanks:smile:
  13. I bought Bay Vemecillon, large dome lucite paddington, prune Heloise, python heloise, the lucite paddy , Kerala small handbag... They all come with plasic authorized card. It also have laser serial number on the back of serial number tag, but I didn't check Kerala. All the number on laser stamp will match with the serial, if serial lazed stamp beginning with C1, the card will have C2... And all the matching.
  14. The laser serial tag is a little holographic tag with numbers (like Chanels) that is located on the reverse of the normal Chloe serial number/date code tag.
    It has the same numbers as the card does I'm sure.
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    o.k thanks, I get it:smile: I will get my new bag soon, so I can check this out:smile:
    I only saw it briefly,but can't have it until my birthday cause my boyfriend paid some money towards it so I have to wait and I don't know where he's put it.
    I was looking on ebay and I thought that C1 was on the card and C2 on the bag, is this wrong?
    I'm also not digging those white dust bags so much, as seems like they will get grubby really quickly and they're not as soft and snuggly feeling:sad:!

    When you register online, does it do anything,is this important?