question for Ali signature owners

  1. I know the leather Ali when not filled will dent in and tends to look funny. Does the signature bag also do this or does it stay in shape when not filled?
  2. I always stuff my bags with a clean t-shirt to keep the shape when I am storing it.
  3. I guess what I mean is when you are wearing it. I do not have a lot of stuff to put in it but I love the bag but I saw someone wearing the whiskey Ali and also read on here about how it dents in if not full. I was just wondering if the signature also does that.

  4. I think it does (when you sit it down), but not any moreso than any other bag that isn't full of stuff. When its on your arm, I don't notice any excessive denting.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I just love this bag but when I saw someone else with it on their shoulder it was dented in and did not look as attractive.
  6. dent ? i own 2 ali 's & haven't noticed. will some one post pics,please ?
  7. What I saw was the leahter bent in where I guess the bag was not full at the bottom. I bought the ergo hobo a while back when our store had the pilot bags and that is why I returned it. Maybe I should buy more stuff to fill it up! :yes: